Lately, we often hear phrase "domestic violence". Others call is as domestic abuse of family violence. Violence breaks out anywhere and everywhere. But the term varies depending on the place where it occurs. Maybe you have seen violence on the news regarding terrorist attacks and when there are political clashes that got out of hand. It is not surprising to find that violence exists in such scenarios. But when the violence occurs within an intimate relationship, it becomes slightly off.

Many marriages end up in failure these days due to misunderstanding and a lot of physical aggression is also involved. Many times, wives become battered at the hands of their husbands, and vice versa. It is also common to see family violence and battering nowadays. People who are unaware of their legal rights will surely suffer more than those who are. Intimate partner violence is also on the rise. Physical abuse even starts during the dating stage. Many problems get blown out of proportion when, really, they all started with a simple misunderstanding. Among the many classifications of physical abuse are physical abuse and emotional abuse.

Physical abuse involves actions like kicking the spouse, hitting or slapping the partner forcefully, biting the partner and so on. If any item is thrown at the spouse with the intention of causing harm or pain, it falls under the classification of domestic violence or physical abuse. The law metes out punishment depending on the abuse's severity or the effects of the violence.

Sexual abuse is a huge section. People caught committing sexual abuse are punished severely. Emotional abuse is another section of domestic violence. When one partner controls the other partner, in terms of his feelings or ambition or when one dominates the other to a major extent, this might lead to severe problems. Another term for emotional abuse is mental or psychological abuse, which can also arise when physical trauma leads to medical conditions such as depression and anxiety.

This category also covers cases of post-traumatic stress. Also included in the broad range of emotional abuse is bullying or child abuse. This could happen at home or even at work. A person suffering some sort of mental problems or even alcohol addiction could result to physical abuse. Domestic violence will be even more severe if one of the partners has such issues.

The type of domestic violence in each and every state and vary from one country to another. They also have different documentations on domestic violence reports and records. A partner who is kidnapped can be said to be subjected to physical abuse. Verbal abuse and economic abuse also merit punishment. The adverse effects of these abuses on both partners in the relationship will be harsh.

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