Dogs do not need to wear clothes in winter, although the owner thinks the dog will be cold, so help the dog to wear a piece of clothing, but in fact, dogs do not like to wear clothes, especially shoes, only they can not resist it. For short-haired dogs wearing clothes may be nothing, but for long-haired dogs, clothes will make the dog feel uncomfortable.
Small size and short hair saves the owner the cost of sending it to bathing and grooming, but it has to be prepared with winter clothes, nests and blankets.
When the temperature drops, the owner will have to arrange warm clothing for it.

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Bichon, VIP
Although we have a fluffy, warm-looking coat, we don't keep warm!
When the temperature drops, we shiver, huddle in corners and lie on warm kennels. However, there should be no shortage of nice clothes for Bichons and Poodles, right?
Do dogs need to wear clothes in winter? Read my analysis!

Pooch, English Dog
French poodles and English poodles are short-haired, single-coated dogs, and when the temperature drops, owners must dress them well to prevent them from catching a cold!
There are also dogs with short or no hair like bulldogs, so pay attention to them!

Although the Pomeranian is an Arctic sled dog (I didn't think so!) The Pomeranian, although an Arctic sled (not expected!), has long, flowing hair, but it is not warm.
Especially the small belly with little hair, but also need protection, remember to prepare a warm nest for it Oh!
Dogs in winter with clothes? After reading my analysis

Sick dogs
During illness, the dog's resistance is reduced, and the ability to resist cold is also reduced.
So dogs during illness must pay attention to keep warm, so as not to aggravate the condition.

Puppies, older dogs
Newborn puppies are afraid of the cold and have low resistance, so they can easily get sick from the cold.
Older dogs are also more afraid of the cold as their body functions decline and their metabolism slows down.
In fact, many small dogs are very afraid of the cold, especially the single layer of short-haired dogs.

When you find that the dog shivers after cooling down, habitually protects the stomach and head, likes to shrink in the corner and does not like to move ...... are indicating that the dog is a little cold.

You can dress your dog, prepare a warm kennel, blanket, small quilt, turn on the air conditioner, prepare an electric blanket for your dog, etc.

How does your dog spend the winter?

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