Dogs sometimes become part of our life and an important member of our family. It becomes our responsibility to care for them in every aspect, as they cannot tell their problems. We often see dogs urinating or dog peeing on furniture in houses. This happens as they lack proper training from their masters. If you own a dog, it becomes your amenability to train them as a good puppy. They are born with no knowledge of what to do as if like a newborn baby. So have patience to guide them until they learn things slowly, especially in case of peeing. The best way to house train a dog is by making it understand the things, which it so fully understands by words. Slowly this becomes a habit for the dog and it starts understanding what we say and does it accordingly.

Dog pooping in house is sometimes an uneasy act that a dog does initially when it comes to house. So, how to potty train your dog and keep your house clean? The best way to potty train dog can be done by following some simple tricks. Dogs generally pee as soon as they roll out from bed or after eating or in some other cases, which cannot be guessed exactly. They should be taken outside for a walk by identifying these indications regularly. Dogs should be praised when they do the right things especially when they potty well. Regular usage of such sayings makes the dog understand these words as commands to pee and follow them. Patting the dog after peeing and making some other appreciating activity will make the dog understand that it peeing outside pleases us. It becomes a habit for the dog by consistently uttering those words and will follow those words as a command very soon.

Dog peeing can also be done using peeing pads. If you do not have enough time or space around your house to take the dog outside, an alternate option of peeing pads for dogs to pee can be chosen. Dogs pee on things that they find new when they smell them. So whenever a new furniture or item is bought make the dog to move around that item for few minutes to get the dog habituated to it. However, do not hurt the dog if they continue potting in home even after you train it rigorously how to pee. Try to make the dog understand that you are unhappy with this activity of the dog, clean it in front of it, and show it where you are throwing it (outside the house). Remember to appreciate your dog when it does potting outside by giving some food to it, so that it becomes interesting for the dog to do likewise. Never use violence to make the dogs understand, as they are not prepared to accept that policy. Hence, train it well today and train your puppy to keep the house tidy in every corner.

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