Not everyone bothers to take out dog insurance cover for their pet, so I want to examine the main reasons for considering this as an option. Clearly there is an additional cost involved in putting a policy in place, and the whole point of any insurance is to weigh up the cost of the policy against the possible costs if you do not arrange cover. On the one hand of course there is the thought that you might pay for cover throughout the life of your pet and have no reason to make a claim on it. Then the policy can look like a waste of money. On the other hand there are thousands of people each year who make claims on their policies for all sorts of reasons.

Some claims are for relatively small amounts of money, but others can be for very substantial amounts. The point is that it is impossible to know what is going to happen through the course of your pet’s life, but there are many things that could happen which would lead to you having to find very large amounts of money. So the question is could you deal with that situation without insurance, and are you prepared to take that risk?

Consider the type of things that could very easily happen over the course of your pet’s life that would cost you money. One of the main reasons people take out a policy when they get a pet is to pay for any veterinary fees. You are probably aware that these are not cheap and there are all sorts of reasons that you may require the services of a vet. Dogs can suffer from a huge range of diseases and conditions, just like us and then there are the possibilities of accidents too. If your dog developed an ongoing condition, so that they required treatment on an ongoing basis, the costs of something like that could go on for years and result in a very substantial amount of money.

Some conditions or accidents may need an operation or series of operations to bring your pet back to health. While this may not be an ongoing cost, many fairly common operations can costs thousands. Without insurance, the choice you then have is to try to fund this cost yourself, or not go ahead with something that could either relieve your dog’s condition, or even save its life. Most of the time it would only take something fairly minor to come up to make the investment in your dog insurance cover more than worthwhile.

Another element of this type of protection is to pay for any claims against you for injury or damage to property caused by your dog. This is called liability protection and is one of the things that can lead to some of the biggest claims. It is not just disobedient animals that are involved in instances where claims are made against the owner. Your dog biting someone is a fairly obvious example, but what about your dog running into the road and causing a traffic collision. This is very common, but depending on the circumstances the potential claims against you could be enormous. What if there was more than one vehicle involved and one or more people were seriously injured. Could you cover a claim for personal injury and vehicle repairs yourself?

These are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself when considering whether or not to take our dog insurance cover.

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