Do you think only humans needs to have proper dental care? You are absolutely wrong. Animals like dogs also need proper dental care. If we will neglect their dental needs they will be having dental problems like halitosis, meaning dog bad breath.

Halitosis attacks not only humans but also animals. Hygiene and proper dental care is necessary to avoid the occurrence of bad breath. As pet owners, we are responsible for feeding and caring for our pet, and when we say take care it should be holistic. Animal grooming does not only apply to its hair and toes, it also include the teeth as well as its ears and nose.

Dogs uses their mouth for taking foods, thus without proper dental care would normally form cavities and other mouth and teeth diseases. Giving them proper dental protection is the best thing to do. We need to check on their mouth for signs, because bad breath could be a symptom of serious mouth disease.

To prevent from future hassle, we should check our pets mouth regularly; we need to try smelling its mouth. Dogs mouth and breath has a distinct smell. Nevertheless, it if it goes beyond that then we must further check its mouth for some signs like mouth injury, swelling gums and other mouth sores that may have caused the bad odor in our dogs breath. When there are no manifestations of swelling then the cause of the foul odor maybe internal. We need to see our veterinarian at once. Never delay a visit to the vet as it may aggravate the problem.

Dogs also suffer from tooth decay and other dental diseases like us as they also use their teeth when they eat. Reasons to brush their teeth is essential, it is our obligation to take care of their teeth as we care for the teeth of our children. Brushing their teeth often will prevent bacteria build up that will cause plaque and tartar thus lowering the chances of getting tooth decay or cavities resulting to dog bad breath.

Though this is just a curable disease, but it would be better if we will prevent the occurrence of dog bad breath by giving an appropriate dental care. With the proper use of specially designed dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste, you can avoid tooth decay and prevent accumulation of bacteria in our dogs teeth.

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