Has dog arthritis made your dog avoid that usual circling when you waved the disk? Or is it just that it has grown lazy and inactive? Have you noticed any recent changes in your pet's lifestyle? Does it sit idle for hours? Is there a change in its walking posture? Does it climb the couch as quickly as it used to earlier? There are many such and other symptoms which can help detect arthritis in dogs.

Dog Arthritis And Its Symptoms

In literal terms, arthritis means joint inflammation. It is a common disease in humans and animals alike. The inflammation of the joints does not get healed due to malfunction of the human immune system in arthritis. This leads to further damage of even the other healthy parts of the body like the tissues and bones.

You can tell your dog is suffering from dog arthritis when you notice specific changes in your pet's overall movements and activities. Normally, the pet tends to keep its weight off the hind legs. It also tries to avoid movement of the hips and the resulting pain. If the pain is unbearable, your dog may limp, or then bark in pain while getting up or doing other usual movements.

Arthritis in dogs usually occurs at an early age if they are large bred. This is because of the size of body that their limbs have to carry. Their skeletal system too goes through a degenerative process at an early age in comparison to other breeds. In case of small breed, the approximate age when a dog develops arthritis is usually seven to eight. Besides weight, there are other causes like injury to bone, misplaced joint, poor nutrition, and so forth, leading to dog arthritis. Genetic factor too plays a vital role in this case.

How To Treat Arthritis

The above-mentioned facts do not mean that a pure bred dog or a small dog is the answer to canine arthritis. What matters most is the ability and readiness to maintain the health of your dog. Regular visits at a vet are a must. Even the slight problems which you may notice sometimes like the stiffness of the joints or uneasiness to move should also be addressed immediately. If you have a dog that has already developed arthritis, you should look to it that it gets a healthy diet. Also ensure that it is involved in such low-impact exercises like walking and swimming. In any case, over-the-counter medicines should be used with due diligence. The most common supplement used is glucosamine for dogs.

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Flexpet is a reliable cure for dog arthritis which targets the disease with its medication. Apart from reducing the pain, it aims at a holistic healing by means of herbal nutrition to the joints, bones, and surrounding tissues.