It seems to me these days that most people are complaining about something…usually something that is really none of their business…. I’m not here to talk politics, but does it really matter if someone’s hair is out-of-style—out-of-style according to whom??? Maybe it’s coming back in style, does it really matter?

I have an acquaintance that complains about everything, the server’s voice tone is not friendly enough, the soup is too hot… nothing is ever okay – except of course – he’s perfect, if you ask him. It’s the mindset that matters. If a mindset is in the “something is always wrong” mode, or "everybody’s wrong but me" mode, than that is what they will always find.

Mindset is contagious, so be careful. If you hang out with nay-sayers, you may find yourself being negative too. What you allow your mind to dwell on you get more of.

Reward the positive

Instead of focusing on the negative, build the habit of rewarding the positive. At the end of the day write down your successes and the successes of those you love and care about.

Keep a Success or Gratitude Journal. It is often easy to forget the positive and dwell on the negative. Typically we focus on the negative because it needs fixing. The positive does not need the extra focus, so it is easy to dismiss and move onto the next “problem.”

Make a habit of focusing on the positive—there is positive in every situation. You can also use your Journal to clearly defined what is wanted, things that the grateful mind can come to expect, such as " increase cash flow by creating more referral business." Gratitude, praise and appreciation for our self and others works miracles.

“Reward the negative with attention, you get more negative. Reward the positive with attention, you get more positive.” ~Source unknown, but greatly appreciated~

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