There is an assortment of computer repair professions, and a variety of ways to get into one. There are a lot of help desk jobs for computer assistance; many of these jobs are overseas these days however, and many of those assistants are working out of a manual. Technical support specialists for big computer companies or for software companies usually have training, although in this particular field experience can often be substituted for formal training.

Increasingly, computer repair technicians work for specialty firms that service computers, networks, and information systems on a contract basis. Many employers in these consulting firms would prefer to see some formal education. In-house computer repair and maintenance technicians also are hired at least partially based on educational background.
For technically oriented people who want to make a career of IT service work, there are a number of schools that offer computer repair degrees online. Most are certification programs, diplomas or associate’s degree programs in computer technology. There are some schools that offer bachelor’s degrees in computer technology, and for a person who wants to become a systems administrator in a medium to large business enterprise, a bachelor’s degree is a good idea.

There are some other bright spots you can add to your resume for a computer repair career. There are certification programs at a Microsoft Certification School that will make you a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. If you have designs on systems administration or support, Cisco Certification Trainingwill provide you with a certificate proclaiming you to be a Cisco Certified Network Professional. Both programs will provide a real boost for the right job application.

You can piece together a respectable resume with a combination of mid-level experience in maintenance, repair and troubleshooting along with certification in the right areas. At the moment, it’s hard to go wrong with training in Microsoft products, although they are losing the battle in the commercial software space.

People who want to work in a highly computerized corporate structure should consider adding Oracle Certification Training to their knowledge base. Oracle bought out a major competitor with its Seibel acquisition and continues to perform well with its suites of CRM software. None of these training programs are going to burn years of academic time and most can be done online or in evening classes.

A good starting point is talking with an independent professional in the field. Catch up with a technician or supervisor with one of the computer maintenance contract firms and find out where the opportunities are that match your interests and abilities. Then proceed to piece together the academic requirements.

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Bob Hartzell writes on careers and education for several websites