Are you planning for an on-road trip with your friends this upcoming vacation? Have you ever wondered what would happen if your car breaks down suddenly on a highway?

It can be frustrating to be stranded in an unfamiliar place with no mechanic at your rescue. This is when roadside assistance come into the picture. It’s’ an instant service offered by a professional who detects the cause of vehicle breakdown and makes necessary adjustments in order to make your vehicle run again. 

If you have not been out with your car for long and planning for a road trip on your upcoming vacation, here’s what you need to know in case you need roadside assistance. 

4 Programs Your Roadside Assistance Must Cover

Though the incidents cover by roadside assistance are many, we have listed some of the common ones that can benefit you at the hour of need.

1. Towing Service:

If the internal faults are too intricate and roadside assistance fails to make your car run again, you might wonder how to get my car towed for free. Depending upon the service offered by your roadside assistance provider, the experts will tow your vehicle with a suitable tow truck and help you get back on the road.  



2. Battery Jump-Start:

Another service you must ensure with your roadside service provider is whether they provide battery jump-start or replacement services. In case your vehicle's battery goes out of order, this battery jump-start will help to start the vehicle. However, a hybrid vehicle doesn't require a jump start, but with a regular vehicle, this service is a must.



3. Flat-Tire Service:

Flat-tire is one of the most common car problems that may leave you stranded on road. If you are not a member of any roadside assistance program, it’s better to check with your company providing towing in Melbourne regarding whether they cover this service. When your car demands this service, an expert should reach at your location to replace the damaged tire with the extra one kept inside your car.

4. Instant Fuel Delivery Service:

There might be a situation where your car run out of gas and you require immediate refilling. To end your woes for good, a professional will arrive at your location to refill the fuel and make your car run again. So, make sure your roadside assistance program covers this service so that you don't end up with trouble on a highway or go back home without enjoying your road trip.

Bottom Line

Your vehicle might breakdown in the middle of the road or betray you due to infinite reasons for which you may have to opt for towing in Balwyn to get your vehicle running on the road. 

So it’s better to be prepared in advance and check whether your roadside assistance provider covers these 4 “spot-help” programs. It will not only minimise your effort but offer you peace of mind. 

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The author has been providing reliable towing in Melbourne for the past few years and help motorists hit the road by providing prompt and hassle-free towing in Perth using a specialised tow truck.