Winter is time to wrap up with coats and parkas. But do you have to buy coats for your dog too?
You might have seen many dogs roam around in sweaters, hoodies, and a variety of seasonal outerwear especially during the cold winter months. This is canine couture which is getting very popular these days. But whether these dogs actually need those dog coats is something that you need to find out.

Here are a few myths about dogs needing coats:

Myth #1: All dogs need coats for protection from cold

All dogs may not need coats to keep them warm while they venture out in the cold. However, certain short-haired breeds, puppies, senior dogs, as well as dogs with certain medical conditions can benefit from some extra warmth when they go out on walks during winter months. If you have one of these dogs as pets, make sure you find apparel that covers your dog’s neck and belly adequately.

Myth #2: Like humans dogs can get used to wearing coats

The fact behind this myth is that dogs can actually get uncomfortable while wearing apparel. Never force your dog to wear a coat if he doesn’t want to wear it. Try making him wear the coat for a few minutes while he is indoors. If he does not respond let go.

Myth #3: Larger dogs don’t need sweaters or coats during winter

Most people think only small dogs need coats. But size has nothing to do with their need for coats. Dogs like Idiatrod-savvy Siberian Husky that are bred with a natural dense coat, may not need extra protection during winter. However, a greyhound, although large in size, may do with some extra layering since it is sensitive to cold weather.

Myth #4: Any clothing that looks like a sweater is good enough to keep a dog warm

Not all types of clothing manage to keep dogs warm. Different types of dog apparels are made from different types of materials. While a coat with a polar-fleece lining may give warmth to a dog, a waterproof jacket may only help him stay dry.

Myth #5: Only a coat which is snug and heavy can keep a dog warm

Your dog needs a coat that keeps him comfortable. Too snug a coat is not a good choice for your dog, especially if it is restricting his movements. When buying a coat make sure it doesn’t have any hanging zippers or parts that irritate your dog.

Myth #6: A dog’s pads are good enough to protect him from cold

Dog’s pads are usually very sensitive and can absorb dirt and chemicals very easily. During cold weathers if snow gets stuck in between his toes and if that snow later turns into an ice ball, it can get very painful for your dog. Therefore, it is very important to make sure your dog’s pads are clean and dry at all times. Making him wear proper footwear will keep him protected while talking him out on his walks.

Find out if your dog actually needs a coat before buying one. If he needs one then take proper measurements so that he stays comfortable in the coat.

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