Did you know there are a variety of Management Apprenticeships and Business Administration Apprenticeships available to businesses on a fully funded basis? It’s true, I kid you not! Management Apprenticeships are fully funded to businesses throughout Scotland as part of the Skills Development programme. The Management Apprenticeships are available to workers over 25 years of age and they’re a fabulous way for people to improve their skills and take a step up the career ladder whilst helping a business to grow and progress at the same time. There’s no catch, the Management Apprenticeships are completely funded and businesses are being offered cash incentives if they decide to place their employees on the apprenticeship schemes.

How can that be?

There’s no mystery surrounding Management Apprenticeships or Business Administration Apprenticeships they come under the remit of the Employer Recruitment Incentive. Businesses are being encouraged to adopt the Management Apprenticeships and they can be handed anywhere up to £1500 for employees that take part in the scheme. That’s quite some carrot to dangle in front of companies and the smart organisations will see the immediate benefits of the Management Apprenticeships. Employees work towards a recognised qualification through the Management Apprenticeships and their newfound skills can reap huge rewards for a company that hasn’t even had to pay for the training in the first place.

Can anyone take part in Management Apprenticeships?

Business Administration Apprenticeships are available for people over the age of 16 and Management Apprenticeships are aimed at people that are over 25 years of age. Employers have to put aside some time for training for the people taking part in the Management Apprenticeships but that’s the only stipulation. If you think about it Management Apprenticeships are a win-win situation for employers and employees in equal measures. Businesses get paid to give their employees free training and learners on Management Apprenticeships get to improve their skills, knowledge and qualifications. To find out more about Management Apprenticeships look at the ‘Employer Recruitment Incentive’ or the ‘Adopt an Apprentice’ initiative, both will give you more details about how your company could benefit from fully funded training programmes.

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