Business Insurance Advice: it’s something most of us ‘set and forget’. Often people don’t give insurance another thought until they need to make a claim. But not updating your insurance can leave you vulnerable when you need it most.

As your business changes, it’s easy to outgrow your insurance.

If you have made some big changes recently-like expanding your business, or taking on a new partner- you may need to reassess your insurance. Why? Because as your circumstances change, so doyour insurance needs.

Do any of these events sound familiar to you?

If you’ve recently made changes to your business, like the ones listed below, it could be time to review your insurance:
• you’re expanding your business
• you have a new business partner
• you’ve taken out a large loan
• you’ve taken out a personal guarantee
• you’re employing new people in your business who are crucial to its operation
• there is a change to your business structure, or
• you’re leasing new equipment/premises.

Partners in Planning your Business Insurance Advice expert can help you tailor a protection plan that will suit your business needs so you can be financially prepared for the unexpected. If you would like to arrange an appointment with a risk specialist please call us on1300 880 100

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