Nowadays, prostatitis is a common disease in males, which is mainly caused by urethral irritation and chronic pelvic pain. It is related to a variety of complex factors. You should know that prostatitis is very harmful to men, especially the chronic one, which is difficult to treat. Usually, a herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a wise option, which can work on the whole urogenital system and dispel symptoms.

Now, the winter is so close and some places are already frozen. Some males worry that if the cold weather makes prostatitis worse readily and they want to know how to do daily conditioning in winter.

In winter, people in poor health are susceptible to colds and may get infected, which can affect their prostate health. But if you pay attention to these tips, you can successfully pull through.

1. Drink more warm water

In winter, the metabolism of human body can drop while many people don't drink water regularly. They drink because they are thirsty. But you should know that drinking more warm water in daily life is a beneficial habit, and it is not just about quenching your thirst but to improve the whole blood circulation in your body. Do not let the body in a state of water shortage, which is easy to influence the blood circulation in the prostate gland and then aggravate prostatitis. It is better to drink 1.5L of warm water each day rather than cold water.

2. Do more exercise

The best way to keep you warm in winter is to do exercise. While many people don't like this method, since they do hate cold weather and they would rather stay in bed. But for patients with prostatitis, it is needed for them to carry out appropriate physical exercise in winter, which can promote the circulation of local blood, thereby reducing the phenomenon of prostatic congestion. Exercise can effectively alleviate the stimulation of prostatitis. The suitable options are jogging, running, jumping and moderate ball sports.

3. Avoid catching cold

The prostate gland is the organ that is more afraid of cold. You should avoid catching cold all the time. When the weather turns cold, you should wear more warm clothes but not too tight. If you feel you have fever, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms, you should get treated in time.

4. Control your sexual behaviors

At ordinary times, your sexual behaviors are associated with the prostate health. When winter is coming, it is also needed to keep a moderate sexual life, which can effectively reduce the situation of prostatic congestion and the emergence of inflammation. While you should also pay attention to your personal hygiene. People don't take a shower every day when it turns cold, but you should keep yourself clean, and do the cleaning job according to your condition. Don't be laze due to the cold.

5. Improve your diet

For patients with prostatitis, the daily diet is recommended to be light, nutritious and easy to digest. Do not eat some pungent and stimulating foods. Especially in the winter, massive males friends choose to eat hot spicy pot to keep them warm, which should be avoided as far as possible.

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