Ask yourself if the time and effort a networking event is adding up to the investment in time and money that you are putting in to attend the event. If it isn’t you may need to eliminate that networking event or group from your calendar and find one that is going to glean more business profits for your efforts. Do you homework, find out if the group will place you in front of the industry you need to be in front of, if the level of professionals at the event can introduce you to the people you need to meet to gain business and if you can give to the group as well. If you help others become successful you will automatically become successful. Create a follow up system and use it. If you don’t, someone else will get the business. When we don’t follow up and take the necessary action with the potential client to set the appointment, to do what we promised we would do when we met then we are heading down a dead-end street that leads to frustration and lost business.
At the core of any good contact situation there are four C’s to remember.
1. Confidence: You must convey a certain degree of self-confidence as a foundation for any successful encounter, new or old, brief or delightfully lengthy. First Impressions can last a lifetime.
2. Creativity: Being creative when making contacts means finding ways to tune into the feelings of others. Think from their perspective not yours.
3. Caring: Showing another person that you are listening and interested with total attention, at least during the first four minutes, is the main indication that you care. Be present and aware when communicating.
4. Consideration: There is a believable concern radiating from some individuals, which makes you feel a little better about yourself in even a brief meeting. Do you give others that same feeling?
Always have the mindset that you will help X amount of people gain what they want when you attend an event and have a goal set to accomplish that goal before the event ends. If you do you will be remembered in any business-networking situation. Always have a fresh and alive attitude and remember Time spent does = Profit!

Author's Bio: 

Jacque Miller holds a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition, is a Certified Behavior Specialist and Certified Lifestyle Coach in Cave Creek, AZ and developed the networking card game “Promotion Motion”.