Does the best nail fungus treatment really exist? Well, to answer your question, yes and no. You will be able to find all sorts of remedies that get rid of fungus. Some may work better than others. Let me share with you my experiences with you, and hopefully, it will help you decide on how you want to treat that dreaded fungus.

Over the years, I was exposed to all sorts of over the counter drugs, and they did not seem to help the condition. In fact, they seemed to make it worst. How ironic! Not only did they seem to aggravate the condition, they also caused numerous side effects that my body was unable to handle well. That is one of the reasons why today, I do not recommend over the counter drugs or any form of pharmaceutical drugs. Basically, I will stay away from any remedy that is manmade or chemically created. Personally, the best nail fungus treatment, or treatments rather, have been those that were natural.

Personally, I feel that the best nail fungus treatment that has worked the most effectively for me is tea tree oil. Some people (usually women) swear by it because it is a common ingredient in skin care products. Yes, it is good for your skin. However, it can get rid of that awful fungus that you see on your nails. This is because tea tree oil is a very powerful antiseptic. Simply apply some tea tree oil onto the affected area. Now besides tea tree oil, I have also tried crushed garlic and that seemed to work pretty well too. Basically, I crushed some garlic and turned them into a paste, and then I applied that paste onto the affected area. Anyway, other natural remedies that you can try include apple cider vinegar, lemongrass oil and almond oil.

Now here is something I need to emphasize. Even though you may have found the best nail fungus treatment for yourself, it is still vital and important that you practice good hygiene. Otherwise, your efforts of getting rid of the fungal infection will be in vain. Bacteria love warm and moist areas, so keep your feet dry and cool. Avoid wearing tight shoes if possible because that would make your feet moist and warm. It could also give your foot aches and blisters. Be sure you wear a fresh pair of socks every day as well. Honestly, wearing the same pair of socks for at least two days in a row is gross.

I hope you have a better idea about how you can find the best nail fungus treatment for yourself. Stick to natural remedies as far as possible, while maintaining a good level of hygiene.

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