Drinking tea to nourish the stomach or hurt the stomach is a common topic in the tea world.

Some people say that drinking tea hurts the stomach, while others say that drinking tea nourishes the stomach. Does drinking tea nourish the stomach or hurt the stomach?

The stomach is a solid pouch, located in the upper abdomen below the lungs. The wall of this bag is called the stomach wall and consists of 3 layers of tissue. The inner layer is the mucosal layer, the middle is the muscle layer, and the outer layer is the serosa layer.

There are gastric glands in the mucosal layer, responsible for secretion of mucus, gastric acid and pepsin. The acidity of the stomach acid is very strong. When the food mass enters the stomach, the stomach acid begins to be secreted in large amounts, which can lower the pH value in the stomach to below 2.

Pepsin's function is to digest and decompose protein.

Mucus plays the role of lubrication and isolation, protecting the mucosa from gastric acid corrosion and pepsin digestion.

The benefit of drinking tea on the stomach.

First of all, drinking tea can add water. When the body has enough water, the mucus secreted by the mucosa will be sufficient, and the mucosal epithelium will be better protected.

Secondly, the PH value of tea soup is mostly between 5.5-7, which is weakly acidic. Compared with the strong acidity of stomach acid, it is insignificant and will not irritate the gastric mucosa or neutralize the stomach acid.

Third, there is caffeine in the tea soup, which will have a short-lived excitatory benefit on the central nervous system, thereby promoting the secretion of gastric juice and gastrointestinal motility, and helping digestion, so people say "drink tea and eat."

But if there is no food in the stomach, too much stomach acid will irritate the gastric mucosa, causing burning or tingling discomfort. Therefore, you should pay attention to avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach.

Black tea warm stomach is not same as nourish the stomach.

It is rumored that "green tea hurts the stomach, and black tea nourishes the stomach." Many people think that black tea can nourish the stomach. Some people even think that people with a bad stomach should drink black tea.

Some medical experts said that although black tea is warm, it cannot be simply equated with nourishing the stomach. Although tea polyphenols in tea are extremely useful and have good anti-cancer benefits, tea polyphenols have astringent properties and can cause stomach irritation, especially when fasting.

Although black tea is made by fermentation and roasting, compared with green tea, the tea polyphenols in the fermentation process have undergone an oxidation reaction, the content is reduced, and the stomach is less irritating than green tea.

Therefore, even if the warmth of black tea is consistent with the characteristics of spleen and stomach, it is not suitable for everyone.

People with poor stomachs should also be vigilant when drinking black tea, especially when drinking too thick black tea, a large amount of caffeine can also cause irritation to the stomach. Therefore, black tea warms the stomach for a certain reason, but it is different from nourishing the stomach and helping digestion.

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