When it comes to the family that someone was born into, it can seem as though this was completely random. As a result of this, if they were born into a family that was generally loving and supportive, they were lucky and if they weren’t, they would have been unlucky.

Furthermore, if they can relate to the latter, they could see their parent or parents as perpetrators and themselves as victims. Naturally, if they were treated very badly during this time, how else would they be?

External Validation

They are likely to live in a country that supports this way of looking at things, with someone either being a victim or a perpetrator. There are then those who have control and those who have no control.

For life to be made fair and for those who are victims to be protected, there will be a third group of people who are needed. This group, the rescuers, will do what they can to make sure that those who are vulnerable are looked after.

A Deeply Ingrained View

So, if they live in a country like this, it could be said that this is why they will have the view that things just happen. Therefore, they won’t have just formed this view by themselves; they will have taken on the view that is promoted by their society.

Then again, what will have played a part in this is that they will have a mind that sees itself as nothing more than an observer of reality. It could be said that this is what has led to the creation of a planet that is primarily made up of countries where human beings are seen as simply observing life.

Back To The Main Point

However, although it may seem as if someone was randomly born into a certain family, what if this is not the truth? What if a part of themselves played a part in the family that they were born into and this was anything but random?

What if the life that they had before played a part in the family that they would end up with in this life? If this is so, it would mean that this is not the first life that they have had and that they didn’t just happen to have the family that they have.


It would also mean that if they were treated badly during their early years, it was not something that randomly happened. For them to have ended up in this position, they would have needed to have had a certain level of consciousness to begin with.

If they were born into a very dysfunctional family, it could show that their last life was very similar in a number of ways. For example, if they experienced a lot of fear, terror, shame, and guilt and felt helpless and helpless throughout their early years, and perhaps still do, this may have been how they felt throughout their previous life or at the very least, at the end of it.

A Co-creator

Taking this into account, it would mean that they are not simply a passive observer of reality and that what was inside them played a part in what they would experience in their next life. Additionally, it will mean that what is taking place inside them now is having an effect on what they do and don’t experience.

Another way of looking at this would be to say that they didn’t merely enter the world, the world came through them. And, as it came through them then, it is also coming through them now.

The Truth

The main point here is that no matter how they were treated during their developmental years and as an adult, they are not a powerless victim. This doesn’t mean that they haven’t been or that they will never be victimised again, what it means is that they are not inherently a victim.

Thanks to this, if their life is not how they want it to be, they have the ability to create a different reality. Ultimately the power is inside them; it is not out there.

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