Smoothies are natural supplements mixed together to make a curative juice which can either be sweet or bitter. Being a patient, you do not have to consider the taste rather the impact it has in your body. Make sure that you take the smoothie that is recommended to you strictly and do not skip any procedure. In case you make any mistake it will be so unfortunate that you will not be in a position to free from chronic knee and joint pains. Despite the bitterness these smoothies have no other negative characteristics as compared to drugs and injections which are painful and bad taste.

The following are some of the best smoothies that help to prevent chronic knee and joint pain:

Kiwi-kale smoothie

It is one of the major and most recommended smoothie that help in reduction of muscle and joint pains. These ingredients must be available to make the kiwi-kale smoothie effective; 1 mango peeled and pitted, an orange peeled and deserted, 6 glasses of filtered water, 2 peeled kiwi fruits and 2 cups of chopped kale. You are supposed to mix these ingredients and let water to be last then take the smoothie twice in a day. It is amazing since you will realize this natural kind of medication has the ability to prevent chronic knee and joint pains within the shortest period ever. The only secret is to involve all the ingredients and have the smoothie as prescribed. You can top it up with simple exercise such as walking or jogging.

Pineapple and grape fruit smoothie

This is one of the major smoothies with the ability to prevent chronic knee and joint pains specifically caused by arthritis. This smoothie is easily prepared by use of the following ingredients; 6 glasses of filtered water, frozen peeled and sliced banana, ½ cucumber with peels, 1 cup of pineapple juice, peeled ½ red grape fruit and a ½ cup of fresh cilantro. Mix them and finally add water which will make a complete smoothie. Take it 3 times in day to ensure that you are prevented from chronic knee and joint pains. In case you let the joint pain to be chronic you will be at high risk of becoming crippled hence, do not get lazy with the smoothy.

Strawberry-guava smoothie

These are fruits giving you an assurance the smoothie is so sweet as compared to most of the smoothies. Both guava and the strawberry have nutrients that are capable or preventing knee and joint pains from getting severe and chronic. Ensure that you mix the ingredients as prescribed and do not skip any since you will not be safe from chronic joint pains. Every ingredient has its own purpose in the smoothie and also in the prevention from the knee and joint pains. The following is the list of the ingredients required for the smoothie to be complete: 1 cup of whole strawberries,2 frozen bananas, 4 four cups of spinach and 5 cups of water.

Pineapple-carrot smoothie

The ingredients in this smoothie are easily and locally available. They are in every kitchen since you are capable of using them daily in relation to other reasons. They are great in upgrading the human immunity making your system able to resist most of the diseases. The following are the necessary ingredients to prepare the smoothie: 1 orange peeled, ½ cup of cube pineapple, 8 glasses of water,2 large chopped carrots, cups of spinach, fresh ginger.

Melon-mango smoothie

It is also another sweet smoothie since it comprises some of the sweetest fruits that exist. These fruits have supplements that have the ability to reduce joint pain, increase body immunity and also prevent chronic knee and joint pain. However, in consumption of his smoothie, your joints and muscles get strong making it easy for you to handle the heavy duty. The following are some required ingredients: 5 glasses of filtered water, 2 cups of cantaloupe, 2 peeled mangoes, 2 cups of fresh baby spinach, ¼ melon, 5 medium strawberries, 1 stalk celery and should be chopped. Follow the procedure as given strictly for best results.


The above are some major smoothies in which you can use or recommend to an arthritis patient. Chronic knee and joint pains have the ability to make you crippled and paralyzed, hence choose any smoothie that you find suitable for you and you will be able to be free from the ordeal. In case you are not sure of the best smoothie to use, seek medical advice and they will definitely guide you accordingly. The advantage of these smoothies is that you can prepare them by yourself hence giving you a chance in which you can be able them fresh daily.


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