Orchitis is a common inflammation of the male reproductive system, which can be caused by a variety of pathogenic factors. It can be divided into non-specific, viral, fungal, spirochetes, parasitic, damaging, chemical and other types. The infection approaches are mainly through blood and lymph vessels, and also include urethra, seminal vesicle, vas deferens, epididymis and so on.

Non-specific orchitis and mumps orchitis are common in clinic, which are common causes of male infertility. Mumps orchitis is caused by a certain virus. Orchitis caused by gonorrhea, non-gonorrhea urethritis, syphilis and other venereal diseases accounts for about 40 to 60% of its total incidence, and is one of the common complications of male venereal diseases.

Notice: That men sleeping on their side can also cause testicular torsion.

Tom is a seventeen-year-old high school student. A few weeks ago, he was suddenly awakened by the severe pain during the sleep. Due to his academic tasks, he did not pay much attention to the problem this time, but regarded it as an occasional pain. After a few days, the problem didn't go away and it got worse. Only then did he realize the seriousness of this problem. The doctor told he that he was diagnosed with torsion of the left testicle and there was necrosis, requiring immediate surgical resection.

The doctor in charge of the hospital explained that the testicle does not twist on its own, but there is a rope-like spermatic cord above the testicle that twists and "knots". Once the spermatic cord is "knotted", the testis will "go hungry" since the blood vessels that supply the testicles with nutrients and carry away metabolic wastes usually pass through the spermatic cord. In this case, it will typically become ischemic after more than 12 hours.

When the testicles are damaged due to the sleeping position, bacteria can easily invade them and cause infection, which can lead to orchitis. Besides, after testicular surgery, if patients do not pay attention to personal hygiene, it will be more likely to lead to bacterial infection and then orchitis.

How to prevent orchitis?

1. Men should pay attention to the testicular maintenance, which is an important means to solve male sexual dysfunction.

2. If there is pain during testicle massage, it may be orchitis or epididymitis, please go to the hospital for examination in time.

3. Acute parotitis orchitis can cause irreversible damage to sperm activity and even testicular atrophy, which can lead to male sterility. So male friends should get treated in time. Usually, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to solve orchitis and improve the male reproductive health, which is very useful with no side effect.

4. In daily life, males should eat more fresh vegetables, melons and fruits, to increase the composition such as vitamin C and minerals, which can be used to improve the anti-inflammatory ability of the body. Besides, they should avoid eating spicy food and stimulating stuff.

5. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco, don't hold urine, don't sit for too long, don't have sexual life or masturbate excessively.

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