Every developer is having different abilities as well as skills that the developers may persist. The personal perception of every person is not the same. A lot of skill is essential for Ruby developers as well as Ruby on Rails developers.

They both have the ability to build the best scalable web apps. Ruby on Rails is known to be one of the most trending technologies among startup and business companies. Market demand is very much high and so it is very hard to hire a ruby on rails developer who will be the best for your project and also within your budget.

Ruby on rails developer is basically involved in writing logic for the server-side app in Ruby by using the framework of Rails. The main job of these developers is to connect the web app with other various web services with the help of the development of backend components and they are also responsible for supporting the frontend developers thereby supporting the app.

The job of Ruby developers on the other hand is to use Ruby for building anything from the web app’s backend to command the line utilities on the computer. This language is basically dynamic, object-oriented, and also reflective. These similar properties are present in other programming languages also.

So both of them may seem to have the same skills. Ruby on rails developers will always have the same skills as Ruby developers as they are similar in nature. It is better to have proper knowledge about the Rails framework for both the developers.

Skills and responsibilities of Ruby developer

A Ruby developer basically builds ruby apps. They coordinate with the rest of the team to design as well as develop the apps. Responsibilities of a ruby developer-

• Build, design, and maintain reusable, efficient, and reliable Ruby code.

• Ensuring the best performance, responsiveness, and quality of the app.

• Identifying bugs and bottlenecks and then provides solutions to the problems.

• Maintaining the code quality along with automatization and organization.

The skills that are there in Ruby developers are-

• Understanding the syntaxes of Ruby

• Understanding of object-oriented programming

• Understanding Ruby’s functional programming style

• Familiarity with concepts of ORM, MVC, Mocking, and RESTful

• Writing clean as well as readable Ruby code

• Having experience with external as well as an embedded database

• They can create database schemas that support and represent the process of business.

• Must understand code versioning tools like Git, SVN, or Mercurial

• Must be familiar with continuous integration

• Must be familiar with development aiding tools like Rake, Bundler, Bower, etc.

Skills of Ruby on Rails developers

There are many skills of hiring a good ruby on rails Development Company. The main skills that the developers of these companies have are-

They must have skills of Ruby and Ruby on Rails

• Syntax knowledge- basic syntax knowledge is required for any language. A good ruby on rails developers must have proper knowledge about modules, classes, writing conditional statements and loops, etc.

• OOP- OOP stands for object-oriented programming. The developers work mostly with OOP. So they must have general knowledge about objects, lambdas, and other concepts of OOP.

• MVC framework- the MVC or Model View Controller is normally used for structure app programming. A good developer must have an idea about which developer is responsible for performing what by using the structure.

• Rest API- an HTTP protocol is used in order to transfer data. A good developer must be having an idea about operations like DELETE, PUT, GET, POST, and more.

• Active Record- this is the layer in Ruby on Rails that is followed by ORM models and is responsible for providing mappings that are object-relational.

Frontend skills
The job of the frontend is to appeal to stay users in the built website and so an eye-catching UI is responsible for any web app. The developer which you will be hiring must have an idea about the recent versions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

• JavaScript- it helps the developers in allowing them to create a dynamic app in a smooth manner. So it is very essential for the developers to have proper knowledge about jquery and JavaScript.

• CSS- cascading style sheets are used for better presentation which includes color, layouts, and fonts.

Full-stack development companies are also hiring Ruby on Rails developers as they are aware of a well-known database. There are many rail apps that are related to databases and are having built-in SQLite.

• SQL- it is very necessary to have basic information on SQL. It is not very necessary but still, the developers may read logs to comprehend what is taking place.

• PostgreSQL/ MYSQL- MYSQL is known to be a fast and relational database whereas PostgreSQL is a database that is open-source and object-oriented. These two are considered to be the most recognized engines of database and must be known by developers as they may have to implement them in the project.

Grip on tools
Not only technical skills but the Ruby on Rails developers must also have a proper grip on tools, code, managing projects, team members, deployment, and many more. The developers must be able to use code management tools like Git and must know how to make a push and pull code, branch, and many more. Knowing about Heroku, Cl and Docker can be added advantage.

Soft skills

Other than technical skills it is essential for each and every developer to have skills related to-

• Client communication to convey the right message at right time.

Passion to put the heart in the development project

• Language and culture so that the developers are not rigid with their language and culture during the process of development.

• Research skills to search and learn things when they are facing any kind of issue during the project development


Web development services are hard to find but the above-mentioned skills of Ruby developers and ruby on rail developers can help you in choosing the best one for you.

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