Redundant prepuce is a status of oversize foreskin, which is very common among male friends. With the popularization of modern medical knowledge, people know that redundant prepuce will bring great harm to the male physical and mental health. In andrology, prostatitis is a very common problem in many male adults. So does redundant prepuce spark off prostatitis?

There are 3 easily overlooked problems related to redundant prepuce, according to the doctor's view.

1. Because the prepuce is redundant, it can bring about a wet and damp situation in the inner plate, which can provide a sufficient environment for bacteria to live and reproduce. You may feel the dampness but you may don't pay much attention to it. And it is impossible for you to discover the bacteria with the naked eyes.

When these pathogens multiply to a certain extent, it will easily lead to the imbalance of local bacterial colonies, thus lead to the breakout of inflammation unknowingly. If not effectively controlled, the inflammation will continue to spread around, further causing prostatitis, orchitis and other genito-urinary system diseases.

2. On condition that there is a redundant prepuce or phimosis, it will make some urine unable to get out of the body. In this rate, due to the retained urine, the urethral orifice will reproduce a large number of pathogens. When these pathogens go back to the prostate gland through the urinary tract, it will impact the prostate health, thus leading to prostatitis over time.

3.Male friends with redundant prepuce may have the stricture urethral meatus, which can lead to difficult urination and impeded urination. Common symptoms are dripping urine, no line of urine, endless urination and so on. Meanwhile, when the redundant prepuce blocks the urethral meatus, it will lead to increased pressure in the urethra during urination, resulting in urine reflux. The pathogens and bacteria can then retrograde with urine and cause prostatitis.

So if male friends have some problems caused by redundant prepuce, it is needed to undergo circumcision. As for males with prostatitis, it is also needed to get treated in time. For the acute prostatitis, antibiotics are often used for patients. When it comes to the chronic one, which means you have the inflammation for a long period, mainly more than three months, the treatment will be longer as well.

For chronic prostatitis, a herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to male patients, which is made of more than fifty herbal ingredients and can be taken to terminate inflammation and kill various bacteria and pathogens in the long course of treatment. It is working on the whole genitourinary system. It features no side effects.

In daily life, male friends should also notice their personal hygiene, especially the private part. Take showers frequently and wash your clothes regularly. And drink more water while do more exercise. Keeping a healthy diet is also helpful.

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