In recent years, there has been a debate on the role of prescription pain pills in the current heroin epidemic. Do opioid prescriptions contribute and fuel the rampant heroin abuse in our communities?

These days, opioid addiction in Long Island NY and across the country is a serious problem. More people die as a result of prescription drug overdose than from car accidents. Prescription drugs are so dangerous because they seem harmless to many people since they are legal with a prescription. Many young people are especially unaware of just how powerful these drugs can be, or what their abuse can lead to.

Experts are now saying that prescription drugs are becoming a gateway to heroin abuse. An individual might start out by abusing prescription drugs because they do not seem as dangerous or because the pills are easy to obtain. Over time, the individual will become hooked on the drugs, and will need to continue to find drugs to use in order to keep up the habit. Prescription drugs can cause serious side effects including increased or decreased heart rate, seizure, liver damage, and other physical symptoms.

Government Crackdown on Prescription Pain Pills

As many municipalities are now reporting, prescription drug addiction can also lead to other types of drug abuse. An individual might want a different kind of high, or a better high, and might try a harder drug. As the government cracks down on prescription painkillers, more people are turning to drugs like heroin. Heroin is now cheaper and easier to obtain than many prescription drugs, which seems to be driving addicts to use the illicit drug. Many prescription drugs that were once easy to abuse are now being reformulated so that the user cannot crush and inject the drugs, leading them to try heroin.

Drug addiction of any kind can cause chaos in a person’s life. Heroin addiction treatment in Long Island is available, and programs can help an individual get back to a healthy lifestyle, no matter what kind of drug they are abusing. It is important for anyone struggling with prescription painkiller addiction or with an addiction to heroin to get help as soon as possible.

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