Orchitis has an impact on erection. Testicles are an essential organ for men. If there is inflammation in the testicles, it will significantly impact sexual function. It will affect the normal erection of the penis, so it must be treated in time, and it will seriously lead to necrospermia and azoospermia symptoms, which will affect men's fertility.

With timely treatment, the patient's sexual function will also recover after the disease is cured, and it will not affect men's fertility, so you must pay attention to it.

How does orchitis affect erection?

Orchitis is divided into two categories: bacterial orchitis and viral orchitis. After timely treatment, bacterial orchitis generally does not cause erectile disorders, but viral orchitis may cause erectile disorders.

1. Bacterial orchitis: Orchitis caused by the spread of epididymitis to the testicles generally does not affect testicular function, nor does it affect androgen levels and male erectile function. Through anti-infection treatment, such as the use of antibiotics such as cefixime tablets, the condition can be controlled and usually does not affect testicular function;

2. Viral orchitis: Generally, a testicular infection caused by the mumps virus may lead to testicular atrophy, affecting testosterone secretion. If testosterone levels are low, it may affect the erectile function of men in the later stage, leading to erectile disorders, especially in middle age. Generally, targeted treatment, such as body temperature control, can relieve pain. There is no special treatment method, and symptoms need to be improved.

The main symptoms of orchitis are that the patient will have a fever, stomach cold, nausea and vomiting, and pain in the patient's testicles, which will seriously affect the pain of the scrotum, the root of the thigh and the groin. At the same time, the patient's testicles will swell, and tenderness, testicular pain, and swelling will affect the patient’s normal erection, so orchitis must be treated in time.

In addition to affecting the normal erection of men, the occurrence of orchitis will easily induce varicocele, prostatitis, endocrine diseases, nephritis, and other kidney diseases, and urinary infection diseases. Moreover, if the patient has sex with a woman during the disease, inflammatory bacteria will also be transmitted to women, leading to the occurrence of inflammation in women, so the harm of orchitis is very significant.

If you have orchitis, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Scientific treatment. A man who suffers from orchitis must avoid blind medication or irregular treatment. After the disease is found, he should actively go to a regular hospital for scientific examination and professional treatment.

2. Avoid excessive fatigue. Men suffering from orchitis, especially acute orchitis, often show apparent symptoms of fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. During the illness, you should pay attention to avoid excessive fatigue, preferably in bed.

3. Pay attention to relieve the pain. Male orchitis is easy to cause past swelling and pain. Therefore, when walking in daily life, it is best for male patients to lift their scrotum with a cloth support belt and avoid scrotum hanging.

4. Pay attention to healthy eating. To better maintain their health, orchitis patients should pay attention to eating more fresh vegetables and fruits to increase disease resistance.

To sum up, if a man is infected with orchitis in life, he should pay attention to systematic formal treatment and special attention to his own care. Careful care can speed up the cure of orchitis and avoid the recurrence of orchitis.

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