Some people do and some do not.The one who asks this question,probably does not.Religion can get you closer to God[the god of your understanding];it can also get you
further away from God. Religion consists of sacred scriptures containing stories, parables,rules of conduct for humans, rituals,records of historic events,creation myths and belief systems. All these aspects of religion provide meaning and direction for human existence.Religion also helps create a framework for the establishment of a society, as individuals gather around common beliefs,and this gives them a sense of security.When a society shares a consensus about a religion,an orderly social structure is created and maintained.

The problem with religion is-as it gets institutionalized over time,it gets morphed into something other than what the original founders of the religion have intended it to be. It becomes a tool of exploitation and the rational or justification for all sorts of crimes, including killing and going to war.With the passage of time, and human evolution
or devolution,parts of religion become out of synch with the present condition of society.And to top these problems,the rigid application of ancient and generalized rules to the individual,end up stifling his/her evolution.

For a soul that hasn't evolved yet, or is not ready for a life of autonomy and independence, religion may be a necessity.Rules of conduct have to be provided
by some external source of authority,since he/she cannot tolerate ambiguity and originality.A more evolved soul would do better,following an internal moral compass
and xercising its creativity. An evolved soul may still draw inspiration from religious traditions,but would do so selectively,or with discernment. In a world that has become extremely materialistic,one can draw spiritual sustenance from the visions of the prophets and from the legends and records of miracles.But,blind faith in religion is not compatible with the psyche of the modern person.

The challenge for the spiritual seeker of our time is to have faith in the human potential.To risk going after the unknown, while at the same time remaining sober and rational.

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Gloria Eagle/oracledreamhealer is a modern sage.She was trained by Carlos Castaneda in The art of Dreaming.This esoteric art,when studied and applied properly, leads to total liberation.She also holds several academic degrees.
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