Living in today's world can be quite challenging. During the course of our lives we tend to encounter many challenges and develop habits some of which we don't like.

To live a better life, we need to address these challenges and come out stronger. For a long period of time, many people have used affirmations to try to be better persons. The question is; does listening to affirmations before sleep work? Many arguments have been put forward to discuss this issue. This article tries to answer this question in the best possible way.

How The Human Mind Works

To start with, most of our behaviors are as a result of doing the same thin gs over and over for a long time. The human mind is a powerful tool that is able to process our words and actions. These are then engraved on our subconscious minds and end up becoming a habit.

The same way we develop these habits is the same way we should follow in kicking out unwanted habits. This involves starting all over again and reprograms the mind with good habits. Affirmations are a perfect way of doing this.

The Truth About Affirmations

How do you react when a person tells you have not dressed well or that you look good? The statements told to us by other people tend to stick on our minds and, in most cases, influence our behavior. This is because the mind is so powerful and has the ability to respond to what it is fed with. This makes a strong statement that affirmations really do work.

When you listen to positive affirmations, the mind will react in a positive way. This will result in you feeling more relaxed and calm. It also brings a strong sense of contentment with what we already have. Listening to affirmations will ultimately enable us to stop some bad habits and develop new ones that are better than the old. We become more positive and are less affected by the challenges that come our way.

How To Make Affirmations Work For You

To start with, you should come up with a list of affirmations that inspire you to be stronger. This should be based on your fears and weaknesses. The affirmations will also have to be practiced regularly. Listen to them whenever you're faced with a challenge, when you're feeling bad or at any time during the day when you have some time. However, it would be more effective if you listen to them at night before going to bed and after waking up.

You can record your affirmations and save them on your phone. Similarly, you can choose to recite them you're when you're alone. This way you don't have to save them anywhere.


Does listening to affirmations before sleep work? From this article, you have discovered that it does really work. Affirmations should be practiced regularly to help you reduce stress, kick out some bad habits and develop good ones.

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