Does your life seem hard? Would you like it to be easier? Everyone does!

Some people have it harder than others. Yet no one should wish their life to be like another. Why? Because each person needs his or her set of tools (experiences) to get where he or she is going.

Life is easer when you know your purpose. But no ones life is really easy. Even when someone
is rich or beautiful. It presents its own set of challenges you may not see or understand.

Yet people are expected to be resilient like a grape vine. Why a grape vine? I’m glad you asked!

Grapes are usually grown in rough rugged soil. If you ever visit a vineyard, it seems almost impossible those full fruity grapes could grow amongst the rocks piled amidst the rough hillside terrain. Even though its usually a warm climate, it still seem harsh. However, the grape vines that are able to break through through the rough soil often produce the sweetest grapes!

I know what some of you are thinking. Most people you know that went to the school of “hard knocks” are mean and miserable. Right? However those are often the ones who didn't get the “lesson” or learn from the experience or incident.

But the ones with a story - a life lesson if you will - that kept going through the storms of life and kept a positive attitude are usually also successful. Might I add, many of them are VERY successful.

Once they conquered rejection, pain, setbacks, and confusion and decided they were going to make it no matter what - they did. They made up their minds. They set a goal. Yes, it was often a BIG GOAL and they made it… eventually.

When you feed the GOAL instead of nurturing and whining about the PAIN, the hard rocks can become a strong vine yielding the sweetest grapes. That’s what makes like easier. I didn’t say easy. But it certainly can get easier. Change your perspective. Change your life.


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