With the advent of various new technologies and working platforms, freelancing has become the new normal for many businesses. Though hiring freelance professionals is seen a strategic decision by many businesses, many are skeptical about the whole affair.

Interestingly, a deeper comparative study would help you understand if consulting an established company would fare better than hiring a freelancer.

The most skilled; yet are they always available?

Mostly freelancers are hired for the specific skill set they have—they are often the best at what they do. And, it would be hard for a business to often get impeccable full-time employee.

Attractively enough, they come cheap as well, don’t they?

However, one of the main concerns surrounding freelancers is that that nobody knows when they can get to them—especially those who work through the internet. Either they are omnipotent all the time. Or, they are not just there when you need them.

If you have a project that you badly want to complete and you cannot get the freelancer you always work with, that can be seriously dangerous for your business. In such cases, you are far better off with a company you know is there.

How often do you come across those who are exceptionally skilled and dedicated?

Generally, it is not an easy task to find the rare type of freelancers who can deliver exceptional work and be dedicated as well. You may really have to burn your fingers a couple of times—or more, to get the right people.

And, the real question is, how flexible your company is to take those chances. You might as well hire a company that can guarantee you the service you are looking for.

The degree of control and freedom—how much?

If you have had a conversation with anyone who hired a freelancer before, they would tell you—you can’t really have much control over the work you get done. That’s a real problem, if you think about it.

Unless, you can get someone— like I previously mentioned—with the right attitude. And, with some sort of strong work ethics that can work well.

This however, never becomes a problem when you associate with a properly established business. You can always go back and negotiate, re-negotiate and have better control over the outcome. For most, this should sound about right.

Confidentiality—is it worth the risk?

If you have worked with certain domains of the industry, you would know that they demand confidentially about the work being done. And, this is hard to come by when you hire a freelancer. Of course, you can have then sign a non-disclosure agreement, but that cannot guarantee the level of confidentiality that you seek.

The risk is sure there and you have to measure up the same, think over it and make the decision that bodes you well.

They often take off—literally without telling

If you have associated with freelance workers before, you know how talented and out-of-the-box they can be. It is often extremely expensive to have someone in-house like that.

However, they come with a catch; they might not stick with you in the long run.

May be it’s on your bad day, they might just choose to go invincible on that day; they won’t tell you that, either. And you are back to square one again, searching for another freelancer and going through the tiring process all over again.

It might get you thinking why you should not associate with a company and put all the pointless troubles to rest. That can be rewarding, too.

If you ask any business person, she/he would say that business is all about making the right decision at the right time. As a result, decision making has to be made on sound judgment of what works and what does not for a business. From that point of view, for a business that has regular projects, associating with a company can fare much better in the long run.

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