Haven’t you heard before that you travel a lot because you are an escapist?

Has someone called you selfish because you have left your family behind while traveling all the time?

Have you been called selfish for not committing to a relationship because you cannot stay at one place for too long?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, then yeah, probably you are selfish for being a fulltime traveler. But what is wrong with thinking about yourself?

Not everyone is born to change the world.  

Being a hedonist is not a crime

The last few years have changed the meaning of living life, and a few Bollywood movies have especially changed our mindset.

A hedonist is a pleasure-seeker, which primarily relates to the travelers. You can be adopt any career in the world, but it holds no meaning despite the money it pays, if it does not make you happy. We have started living a more fulfilling life because there is no guarantee of the longevity of life in today’s times. People are learning not to live for others just to stand up to the social standards.

The Indian society was the one that always taught its children to live for others, but the things are changing, and so is the mindset of people. Even the elders realize that there is no use spending all your life pleasing others. And now it is better to live for yourself than for others.

It is important to take a break

Almost 99.99% people in the world are fulfilling their responsibilities. So what if the remaining 0.01% is not willing to live the normal life? So what if they don’t want to contribute to the economy as much as others do? So what if they don’t want to marry and raise kids? So what if they want to seek pleasure not just during their vacation time, but all through their life?

You can call fulltime travelers selfish, but at least they don’t crib throughout their life. They never blame others for their miseries.

The economy gains a lot from travelers

The experts give a view that the backpackers are highly thrifty people and they never contribute much to the local economy, but that is not true. They might not be the biggest contributing people in the economy, but they put all the money they have in the local economy.

When they choose a small guest house owned by a local person in the village, the owner gets the money, not a billionaire who owns Hilton.

 When they hire a Self-Drive Car from a neighboring shop to their hotel rather than using the car booking app of a huge company, they put the money directly into the car owner’s pocket. When they eat from a local eatery, they make the eatery owner richer.

It is just a myth that the fulltime travelers are selfish. The fact is that they are softer at heart than the peers they left behind at home.

Let the world call you names!

If you love traveling until you want to quit, let it be the way it is.

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The author of this content is fond of roaming using Self Drive Cars on his own for exploring the India. Here author want to share his experience and some advice about travelling which can help everyone while travelling anywhere in India.