The testis and epididymis are vital reproductive organs of men. Patients with epididymo-orchitis will have epididymis swelling, induration, scrotal swelling, and pain. The pain will radiate to the groin, lower abdomen, and perineum, as well as urinary tract irritation. So is it possible for epididymo-orchitis to heal itself? Let's have a look!

Generally speaking, epididymo-orchitis cannot heal itself. If it is not treated in time, it will also cause further inflammation, which is harmful to men's reproductive health!

Why can't epididymo-orchitis heal itself?

Epididymo-orchitis refers to the inflammation of male testis and epididymis. Because the epididymis is attached to the testis's upper end and posterior edge, the two are closely connected, so they often affect each other after inflammation.

Most of the causes of infection and inflammation in the testis and epididymis are pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. These pathogenic bacteria proliferate rapidly after infecting the human body and often need drug treatment to inhibit reproduction. If you rely on the body's immunity to recover, it isn't accessible to self-healing.

Once epididymo-orchitis occurs, patients will not heal themselves without treatment. It will only aggravate patients' symptoms over time. Patients will have redness, heat, and pain of epididymis and testis, and the swelling becomes more apparent. Even some patients will have abscess formation inside the epididymis and testis. Patients will have systemic symptoms such as shivering and fever, so they must go to urology surgery in time.

How should epididymo-orchitis be treated?

For these pathogens, after the drug sensitivity test, the selection of sensitive antibiotics can well inhibit bacteria and inflammation, and the corresponding antibiotics are often used in the clinic. The first choice of antibiotics is quinolones, levofloxacin, or cephalosporins. Cefixime and cefdinir can be used for at least two weeks.

However, the use of antibiotics needs to consider its drug resistance and other side effects, and the treatment effect is often not ideal. In the treatment of epididymo-orchitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can remove the pathogens causing pathological changes in testis and epididymis, eliminate urethral irritation symptoms, and repair the damaged urethral mucosa. It can effectively eliminate testicular pain and epididymal swelling discomfort and treat testicular epididymitis from many aspects.

If the patient has a testicular and epididymal abscess, the effect of antibiotics is not apparent and can only be surgically removed if necessary.

Epididymo-orchitis is a relatively common reproductive system infection in men. If it has been completely cured, men should also pay attention to some details:

Pay attention to usual maintenance: pay attention to maintaining testicles and epididymis at ordinary times. For example, wash your private parts in the morning and evening to make your private parts cleaner. In addition, you can massage the testicles when taking a bath. If you find other abnormalities or pain in the testicles, you need to immediately go to the hospital for examination.

Pay attention to eating habits: poor eating habits are also the leading cause. Men should eat light. Be careful not to eat spicy and stimulating food, not to drink too much, not to stand and sit for a long time, not to masturbate frequently, etc. Eat fewer pig feet, mutton, and other so-called irritating products not to increase the secretion of the inflamed part, and epididymal orchitis will further infiltrate and spread and aggravate the symptoms.

Improve body immunity: we all know that the low immunity of the body is linked to the probability of illness. Therefore, you can choose to improve your body's immunity if you want to prevent any disease at ordinary times. Epididymal orchitis is no exception. So at normal times, you can do some exercise to improve your body's immunity.

Avoid unclean sex life: unclean sex life often harms the reproductive organs because it will make viruses or bacteria infect the reproductive organs. Once the reproductive organs are sick, there will be problems with the health of the testis and epididymis, and the disease will follow.

Vitamin C Supplement: you can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables at ordinary times, which can increase the body's intake of vitamin C to improve the body's anti-inflammatory ability and prevent inflammation.

Pay attention to clothes: don't underestimate clothes, because this is not only the performance of appearance but also linked to health. If men often wear tight jeans, it will increase the temperature of their private places and then breed bacteria, which will increase the risk of inflammation in men.

The above is about whether epididymo-orchitis can heal itself. I hope it can help patients and let them recover as soon as possible!

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