Does Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Actually Work?

What a great way to let people say words into a headset or microphone and those words turn into action. We are talking about the Dragon Naturally Speaking Support. It is software that recognizes the voice and types those words to a computer.

It connects with major programs such as Corel WordPerfect, Excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook and any other Window product.

What Dragon Software Support Can Do For You

As aforementioned, Dragon Naturally Speaking is software that recognizes your voice. So, when you speak through a headset or microphone connected to a computer, the software will type whatever you say.

Having said so, then, Dragon will help you to develop e-mails, documents, and reports – all by speaking. Yes, take note – you must speak. As an illustration, you would not expect that the author wrote this article by saying "hey, computer, write an article about whether Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support works."

The writer, instead, had to dictate the article word after another. It is just the same way as typing these words in absence of Dragon software.

In the light of this, think of Dragon software as you would to your mouse and keyboard. This means, Dragon Naturally Speaking is an input tool for a computer – not a brain transplant.

Under those circumstances, here is what you would expect from
Dragon the software:

1. Write documents

For those who hate typing, Naturally Speaking will help them write documents. As in, your job is to talk and the software types.
In the event that you want to change what you just said, you can command Naturally Speaking. Tell it to do what change you want to make. Further, you can make vocal instructions to elements such as font size, italic or bold.

2. Control a desktop

Once you tell apps to start running, they will do exactly that. In other words, through your voice, you can open windows and close them. Similarly, you can drag stuff and drop them or switch from a window to the other.

3. Control apps

Besides telling applications to run, you can control them as well. This means you can say the app’s name on the menu and it will do what you command. Most interesting, you can do this also in any other app.

As an illustration, Dragon lets you open e-mails when you say a few words. Therefore, you can use any voice command on a spreadsheet.

If you know a few keys combinations that open/close an app, then just say it to Dragon and it will click on those keys.

4. Browse a website

Finally, though not the least, Naturally Speaking support lets you browse a website. Along with an Internet Explorer, you can cruise a website without touching a mouse or keyboard.

Allow Nuance Dragon Support To Help You Out

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes at the right time when business owners have limited time at their disposal. They barely have time to type documents or browse through one website to the other.

Hence, you should let Nuance Dragon Customer Service assist in complete records accurately and quickly.
This means you will have more time to focus on how to generate more income.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, Dragon is the future for all. It lets you browse through a web, write documents, control apps, and your desktop. So it would make lots of sense if you had it on your computer.

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