Chronic seminal vesiculitis belongs to male diseases, which is very common in today's society. The incidence of chronic seminal vesiculitis is relatively high, and more and more men tend to suffer from chronic seminal vesiculitis. In daily life, male friends have strong shyness and resistance to the occurrence of chronic seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, having this disease will cause a great impact on the patient's physiology and psychology.

Many male friends try to avoid chronic seminal vesiculitis as far as possible, but some casual habits which are often ignored in daily life are the main reasons that bring about chronic seminal vesiculitis. Accordingly, everyone must know the cause of the onset of chronic seminal vesiculitis and change a few bad habits in the life. Therefore, does chronic seminal vesiculitis relapse easily?

The influence of chronic seminal vesiculitis on the health of male friends cannot be ignored. The occurrence of chronic seminal vesiculitis is mainly related to the following factors:

1. Irregular sexual intercourse and excessive fatigue can bring about the occurrence of chronic seminal vesiculitis. When having sexual experience, male friends need to avoid frequent sexual intercourse and pay attention to not having sexual intercourse under the circumstance of excessive fatigue, lest causing the body resistance to decline. With poor body resistance, viruses and bacteria will have a chance to enter the seminal vesicle, causing seminal vesiculitis and other inflammations.

2. Excessive drinking, eating spicy food, not paying attention to health, irregular life and other bad habits are also the common causes of getting chronic seminal vesiculitis. Pressure from modern society pressure and busy work tasks can put men in a status that they pay less attention to their reproductive organ health. With years of bad living habits, they are more likely to get infected and then suffer from chronic seminal vesiculitis unconsciously.

3. Urine infection should be noticed. If male friends often hold urine for a long time, it will make urine flow back, and the harmful substances in the urine will get into the seminal vesicle, causing inflammation. So male friends should urinate in time and to better promote blood circulation in the prostate gland, drinking more water is needed.

4. Lymphatic infection is another common cause in clinical cases. The main spread route of the disease is through local inflammation of the urethra or intestines caused by lymphatic system, leading to seminal vesicle infection and then inducing chronic seminal vesiculitis.

The causes that chronic seminal vesiculitis breaks out repeatedly are various, and most of them have a obvious concern with the living habits. In addition to the above causes that will make chronic seminal vesiculitis repeatedly attack, long-term riding a motorcycle and siting for a long time are also the main causes of chronic seminal vesiculitis, which should be avoided as well.

For the treatment of chronic seminal vesiculitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a petty good option. It adheres to the treatment principles of traditional Chinese medicine that has a long history. It can effectively eliminate inflammation and improve the urogenital systems in men. It has no drug resistance or side effects, so patients can take it safely.

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