Chocolate can be consumed without fear for the line, provided you follow a few rules.

Should we deprive ourselves of chocolate for fear of the line? Probably not. Two studies, one conducted in adults and the other in adolescents, are reassuring.

Chocolate and line

The first survey , which dates from 2012, covered 1017 Californians; participants who consumed the most chocolate were also the ones who swallowed the most calories. However, high chocolate consumption was associated with a lower body mass index (BMI). In other words, the big chocolate eaters were thinner than the others.

In another 2013 Spanish study published in Nutrition , European teenagers who ate 42.6 g of chocolate a day had a lower BMI than those who ate less. The study involved 1,458 adolescents aged 12.5 to 17.5 years (from the HELENA-CSS cohort). Were considered chocolate: chocolate bars, candy bars, pralines and chocolate spread. The study did not differentiate between dark chocolate, milk or white.

These two studies report an association; they do not allow to conclude to a link of cause and effect. However, chocolate contains interesting molecules for health, such as catechins . Several studies suggest that these phenolic compounds have beneficial effects on blood pressure and especially inflammation and sensitivity to insulin , two important factors in weight gain. Chocolate also promotes satiety.

Recently, EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, has authorized a health claim on cocoa because of its benefits to the bloodstream.

How to consume chocolate

A 100 g dark chocolate tablet contains 11.99 mg of catechins, compared to only 4.16 mg in 100 g of white chocolate. This is why it is recommended to eat a low-sugar chocolate, concentrated in cocoa (85% or more) , preferably organic, to take advantage of its health benefits. The guide The Best Way Eating LaNutrition to advise 20 grams of dark chocolate every day . This little pleasure does not seem to be prejudicial to a balanced diet.

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