Chlamydia infection is a common disease in people. It is reported that chlamydia has impacted rough 3 million people per year, making it becoming a common sexually transmitted disease. Additionally, among sexually active young females aged no more than 25, the incidence rate of chlamydia infection is beyond the normal level.

Clinically, chlamydia is a curable microbial infection that can be passed via the mouth, anus, and genitals. It is likewise able to be passed from the mother to the baby during delivery. Females with chlamydia infection during pregnancy are prone to being easy to suffer from some problems like premature labour, premature rupture of membranes, etc.

Besides, uncured chlamydia infections can also make you more susceptible to HIV and some sexually transmitted infections in daily life, which can also enlarge the risk of infection in the uterus after getting pregnant on condition that you are exposed to them by accident. Generally speaking, timely therapy can decrease the risk of these troubles to some extent.

What's more, if you do have chlamydia, you will be likely to pass it on to your baby when you give birth. As a matter of fact, nearly half of babies born delivered via the vagina of females with chlamydia infection will suffer from concurrent infection.

In these infants, up to 50% of them will suffer from some problems with their eyes, such as eye infections within days to weeks after the delivery. What's more, up to 30% of babies suffering from chlamydia infection during delivery may have chlamydia pneumonia with varying degrees in the first several weeks.

These infections can become very serious and harmful, while curing the baby with chemical medicine in a time manner is commonly very effective. After all, it it better to receive suitable therapy before the delivery to help your baby stay away from becoming infected.

Generally speaking, roughly 65% of women featuring chlamydia infection have no obvious symptoms. If there are some symptoms they can clearly feel, these ones may emerge in 1 to 3 weeks after the chlamydia infection. These symptoms usually include burning or discomfort during the urination, cervical inflammation and an obvious increase in the vaginal discharge.

Doctors add that if you have anal sex with an infected sexual partner in daily life, you may suffer from rectal inflammation. While if you have oral sex with others, you may suffer from pain and infection in the throat to some extent.

Chlamydia infects the uterus or fallopian tubes through the cervix before and after pregnancy, causing pelvic inflammatory disease, which can also give rise to tubal problems and develop into a chronic inflammation, blocking the fallopian tubes and then incur female infertility. Even if you can get pregnant naturally during the period, you may also have an larger risk of suffering from ectopic pregnancy.

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