Cannabis has been used by human beings for more than 4,000 years. In fact, both men as well as women have used it. However, the scientists and healthcare professionals recently discovered the amazing health benefits that cannabis can deliver. This gave life to CBD based products, such as CBD oil. If you take a look at this article on Cheef Botanicals, you will be able to get a clear understanding about the health benefits of CBD.

With the usage of CBD based products, people got some confusions. Some wondered whether CBD oil can provide better results to women when compared to men. If you are having the same confusion in your mind, go ahead and read this article. We will let you know whether CBD is more effective for women than men or not.

What is CBD?

Before we deep dive and analyze the facts, it is important to have a basic understanding of what CBD is. Then you will be able to make appropriate conclusions based on the facts. CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol is an ingredient that you can discover in the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant can make you feel high, but CBD ill not. That’s because CBD doesn’t contain the ingredients, which are responsible for making you feel high.

Many different forms of CBD are available for the people in today’s world to use. Out of those forms, CBD oil has received a lot of attention. Thousands of individuals around the world use CBD oil as a daily supplement. This can provide them with a variety of mental and physical health benefits, without any frustrating side effects.

Can CBD oil provide better results to women when compared to men?

Cannabinoids work differently for every human being who lives out there in the world. With this fact in mind, let’s take a look at how CBD can affect women and men differently. The hormone presence and body chemistry can also create a major impact on the overall functionality delivered by CBD oil.


When it comes to hormones, women have higher hormonal activity when compared to men. In fact, the female hormones are talked about more than male hormones. Testosterone is the male hormone, whereas estrogen is the female hormone. Both these hormones are being produced within the endocrine system of the body. The hormones are in a position to play a major role behind many different aspects of life, which include metabolism, mood and appetite. The chemical messengers are more vital than we realize.

Women have to experience more pain due to hormones than men. In fact, women who go through Premenstrual Syndrome can experience appetite loss, sleeplessness, bleeding and cramping. They will also have to experience mood swings and bloating. In such instances, CBD oil can provide an excellent assistance for them to overcome pain.


During the recent past, the scientists and researchers worked hard to figure out a relationship that exists in between the headaches, migraines and CBD oil. As per those studies, they discovered that CBD is more effective when treating migraines and headaches, when compared to prescription medication. The fact was proven by a research that was conducted by European Academy of Terotechnology.

Headaches and migraines can affect both men as well as women equally. However, it has been identified that more women experience migraines when compared to men. When you take a look at the stats of United States, you will notice that the chances of women getting migraines is 300% higher when compared to men. This is another fact that make people believe that CBD oil can help women better when compared to men.


Anxiety has become a common health condition in today’s world. A large number of people who deal with anxiety stick to CBD oil. As per the recent stats, anxiety can hit a person as soon as he/she reaches puberty. However, some of the people have never experienced anxiety. No matter whether you get anxiety or not, you will be able to seek the assistance of CBD oil to overcome it. As women have a higher chance of getting anxiety when compared to men, people tend to believe that CBD oil can deliver better results to women than men.

Eating disorders

If you are suffering from eating disorders, CBD oil will be your best help. You will be able to overcome all sorts of eating disorders, including anorexia with the assistance of CBD oil. Lack of appetite towards food can take place due to a variety of reasons. Depression, ill health and stress holds a prominent place out of them. In addition, lack of appetite will be created as a side effect of another medication. It can lead you towards lack of energy, which would create a major impact on the day to day lives.

There are no pharmaceutical medications that can provide effective results to you with overcoming the eating disorders. That’s where you can get the help of CBD oil. It will never fail to disappoint you.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the statistical records. According to the information collected by National Surveys, around 20 million women in United States are suffering from eating disorders. However, only 10 million men are suffering from the eating disorders. Due to this reason, many people believe that CBD oil can deliver better results to women than men.

As you can see, CBD oil is not in a position to deliver better results to women than men. However, we tend to assume the otherwise because CBD oil can treat more women with overcoming the health issues or other negative consequences that they experience in their daily lives.

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