Our brain is always busy re-wiring and definitely there is our whole-hearted support. Again it is true we sometime square up old wiring replacing a set of new one to compose the entire system smooth running. Rewiring doesn’t necessarily mean replacing. How aggressive the term ‘replacing’ sounds!

We often run after this and that—so many things just to become master of something. It pays, no doubt, often rewards amply. Otherwise how can we have wise and experienced people like Tom, Dick, Harry (people who we choose or people who can provide what we need)? There are quite a few to help us online constantly. In the question of achieving perfection leading well-balanced life, indeed, is very essential.

In this context we ask our mind--Isn’t it wise to struggle for peaceful life and help others enjoy the fruits of tranquility? Whatever we do, should be well-deserved in our family and the society we belong to. Here stands Ma-Mahajnan with her unique philosophy of moderate living, accountability of give and take, worldly-cum-spiritual striving. All that she has expressed in a state of ‘Conscious Trance’ are of great relevance. Science and Philosophy have enough food for thought in her songs and discourses.

As an example, I was, In fact, born with a little bit of writing ability. But during her life-time (Sadly, the mother left us forever on 22 January, 2011) she never inspired me in reading and writing always to get the speed better and enhance the quality of writing. She worked untiringly throughout the day amid critical domesticity and solving the problems of devotees and neighbors. She kept her judgment clear and expressed so many things in brief and elaborately as well. We followed her; she talked to us at length when things were not easy understandable. Naturally we felt inspired being experienced in various subjects. But I was ever inclined to reading and writing.

Now in her absence all my brothers and sisters of our institution help me in every way and I am dedicated to realize and try to enlighten others with Mother’s philosophy of life along with those that come as a reference. Two most striking things need to highlight. At first, according to Ma-Mahajnan, ‘There’s no Rebirth.’ The other one is ‘Something vaporous is the source of all living being and non-living things we find in and around this planet. It’s all revolutionary, without doubt. Actually, if our power of reasoning takes us to the world of realization, immediately the accountability of Hinduism and Buddhism will have to accept a great challenge. Secondly, the world of science and technology will find floor for contemplation. The realm of Bio, Genetic and Nano technology will largely be extended

Naturally, in the wake of serious thoughts and ideas I am having a couple of net-friends like David Riklan, Lynn Terry and others following the best one Martin Miller—all rational giants of LinkedIn. In the question of assimilating spirituality amid domesticity and reality, the grey matter in my brain pan is getting stimulated and I do feel enthralled. Can you imagine how widely I am enriched adjusting myself in different atmosphere?

I do respect their way of thinking keeping engaged myself in the realm of ideal philosophy. ‘Ideal’ may sound prejudiced. But with respect to so many aspects in the light of Ma-Mahajnan we are proud to be an inhabitant of the world of ‘True Conscience’ and ‘Mysteries Unraveled’. Finally, I set up a journey to www.nothingness.com. It will soon be hosted.

Candidly, reading with high speed may soon exhaust a library but a human brain has limited power of assimilation. Moreover, delving deep into higher thoughts and ideas do not depend on fast reading only. As we all know, there’s a gulf of difference between experience and realization. Mind and knowledge make friendship; realizing something at heart stands apart and affirms. The tragedy is this. Where an old orthodox blended with modern stance charged with flexibility runs a roaring business, a new veteran with venerable outlook gets no easy access. This is why I request one and all to respond to a clarion call.

We want to build up in gradual phase a Research Institute where scientific outlook will assess the philosophical ideas and religious ideals. To provide future generations with proper knowledge in the attainment of peace and perfection in one life is very essential and there is no alternative to it. Candidly, ignorance is the source of all evil and we do believe, you, the great thinkers, will inspire us in this endeavor.

In the question of awakening the spirit of fighting against Terrorism Ma-Mahajnan’s philosophy of life may help people of every country to a great extent. Unfortunately, the essence of every religion has been misunderstood only to create a good number of fundamentalists. Ma-Mahajnan, in fact, preaches no religion. She stands matchless amidst all her expositions as the most outstanding. This is a matter to delve deep. Mother helps us to maintain peaceful atmosphere in every effort we put forth. She is desired to be judged by every standard. We may follow her or not, let us render our best service to humanity to restore balance in every life and living.

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Ma-Mahajnan, a matchless spiritual genius, expressed her entire creation in a state of "Conscious Trance” which has all been stuffed with matters of highly philosophical value and related with strong literary sense. She could not attend even Primary School due to extreme poverty. Strangely, she was taught all by herself in the School of Nature. The weird and wonderful life is possibly the souse of her vast experience and profound realization. She was born on 17 July, 1928 and passed away on 22 January, 2011. Listen to what Ma-Mahajnan said once: What I tell you briefly about the early phase. Listen first about my life. I was married off at the age of thirteen. I was the second wife, my husband married for the second time and thus I came into his family. I didn’t get any chance for schooling.” You’ll perhaps weep to hear how I came as a wife, driven by utter poverty or how they packed me off. After that all at once I slowly progressed in the domain of that ‘Nothingness’-- “I’m the Mother; the Nothingness, too.”

Asokananda Prosad, Ma-Mahajnan's first disciple, is an engineer, a philosopher and a philanthropist. Being the missing son—the eldest and the first disciple of Great Ma-Mahajnan, he has had to shoulder so many burdens of Ashram and Temple. He has long been translating Works of Ma-Mahajnan, written in Bengali, into English. The Mother didn’t just put those in black and white, but simply expressed, extempore and spontaneous, in a state of “Conscious Trance” and Asokananda, along with his brothers and sisters of Ashram and Temple, got those tape-recorded. Director of Pub. Div. : Adarsha Prokashani; Editor of Journals : Nandan Kanan & Sudhi Sahitya; General Secretary : Ma-Mahajnan Vishwa Kalyan Trust; Secretary : Society for the Formation of Character and Sequence; Independent Scholar : Philosophy Documentation Center, Ohio, USA; An Inaugural Member as a Leading Philosopher of the World : 2006; International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England; Invited to join The XXII World Congress of Philosophy 2008, held in Seoul, Korea, from 30 July to 5 August, 2008.