Obesity is not a healthy condition by any means, in some cases, the doctors perform bariatric surgery for weight loss. Since bariatric surgery helps the patient in reducing weight by restricting the absorption of nutrients, it is also viewed to lower the risk of obesity-related problems including some types of cancer. But there has been no certified report which could be made it certain that bariatric surgery necessarily lowers the risk of liver cancer. In fact, bariatric surgery is performed after detailed diagnostic assessment and the patients are made aware of the risks of complication and side-effects which can be caused by bariatric surgery after the operation. The short-term risks of bariatric surgery include excessive bleeding which can be to major blood loss, infection caused by the lack of proper use of surgical instruments allergic reactions from the anaesthesia used for making the patient comfortable throughout the surgery, the formation of blood clots, issues with breathing, damage to the lungs, and progression of leaks in the gastrointestinal system. In rare cases, the patient can die.

But with no concrete proof which could establish the precedence of bariatric surgery is not associated with the risk of liver cancer, why is it that bariatric surgery is still performed for weight loss? Here are the answers. Obesity is associated with many health risks. No doctor or even any sane layman would never justify the condition of obesity as healthy well-being. Obesity is linked with several factors which affect the overall health of the individuals, it makes the affected people vulnerable to many diseases and disorders. If proper management is not considered on time, people suffering from obesity can encounter advanced medical disorders which will need additional treatments in need of an effective alleviation of the symptoms and relief to the patients. Considering these risky complications and side effects attached with obesity, it is maintained by the doctors to seek professional health, if the patient is unable to gain healthy bodily changes in their home as it has been noticed in many cases. It has also been seen in various cases that dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and even a proper set up of exercise routine have not been able to facilitate a smooth transformation from the obese person to a healthy individual, in such cases the only option left is to undergo bariatric surgery.

Obesity is obviously the major reason for which bariatric surgery can be effective. Thereby, it is prominently performed to make the person risk free from any type of diseases which is associated with obesity. Obesity-related to cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure are dealt with bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is beneficial in minimizing the risk of developing gastroesophageal reflux disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. Some reports have also noticed that people suffering from severe sleep apnea can also be treated with bariatric surgery if they are obese because the latter is linked with sleep apnea.

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As per a liver specialist, who is currently working on one of the best liver transplant hospital in India, unlike the popular belief, bariatric surgery does not directly lower the risk of liver. If one is to look at the cases being dealt at a renowned liver cancer treatment, the types of bariatric surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric band surgery are never directly recommended to deal with this obesity. In other types of hormone-related cancers, bariatric surgery plays a similar role. In fact, a leading medical institution which can qualify as the best hospital in Mumbai has been working towards establishing the huge risks of side-effects and complications carried by any type of bariatric surgery.