One of the more general causes patients to seek out acupuncture is chronic pain, joint pain and arthritis - especially the pain in his lower back. For many people, acupuncture and Oriental medicine or Chinese has been an effective part of their treatment regimen for pain. But how it will work, and might work for you?

Pain in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, musculoskeletal pain and / or joint pain is known as bi syndrome. In the terminology of Eastern Health, bi means obstruction. The function of the symptoms of obstruction exhibit qualities that make experience you have achy or sharp, fixed pain, or hot. Some people respond positively to movement or exercise, while other patients feel better with rest. Many of the musculo-skeletal and joint are arranged in a subcategory of the bi syndrome. An accurate diagnosis of the type of bi being experienced by the patient says the sound selection of a protocol to herbal and acupuncture to soothe and break up the obstruction of Qi and blood in the affected area.

Acupuncture and Back Pain - How it works

Acupuncture works to remove and deactivate trigger points (areas of constriction and localized inflammation). Pain pattern of each individual patient can rule on the acupuncturist places needles.

The use of acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine accelerates the healing in a two-fold:

1. First, working to reduce inflammation, local congestion and stagnation, the pain subsides.

2. After the local circulation is cured, the second task is to nourish the tendons, discs and muscle structure so getting back to a more mobile and subtle.

According to Chinese medicine specific muscles "shake off" patterns of pain in body areas not directly affected by the constriction and inflammation. A professional acupuncturist is trained in techniques for deactivating trigger points and be able to place these patterns. The acupuncturist may place hands near and distal to the painful area. This approach allows the acupuncturist to harness the body's meridian system to treat local pain while addressing the deeper currents of energy within the body to relieve the source of back pain.

Studies of acupuncture as a supportive treatment for back pain Good

A recent study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine says that acupuncture relieves back pain more than traditional treatments. The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), divided 638 participants with back pain into four groups. Two groups received acupuncture, one group received placebo version of acupuncture that stimulates the skin but not pierced), and the last group received acupuncture, but followed the conventional treatment program that were on either therapy pharmaceutical or physical.

After seven weeks, the 3 groups receiving acupuncture (or something) had a larger and more significant improvement in back pain than usual care group. Even the techniques of acupuncture placebo yielded positive results.

Placebo acupuncture to be as good as acupuncture needles raised questions about acupuncture works, and how the system is active recovery. Overall, 60% of subjects treated with acupuncture, but only 39% of patients in the usual care group had significant improvements in dysfunction.

Why use acupuncture for back pain?

It is estimated that nearly 85% of people experience back pain during their lifetime and almost U.S. $ 40 billion is spent each year for health care to treat back pain. Anyone who has suffered through this pain and chronic stressful know a safe and well are required for back pain. Acupuncture is really a safe and profitable option for those seeking treatment for their condition.

Specializing in chronic pain (I have spent hundreds of hours of training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine experts to find out how to deal more effectively with patients and alleviate pain in the long run. I have personally seen and worked with many people have found relief through acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Some are skeptical that other drugs to treat back pain, but there is no evidence that it can be an effective mechanism to relieve the pain and the development of a successful long term treatment regimen to keep the patient feel healthy, happy and pain free.

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