If you decide to breastfeed your baby it provides the best way in providing to pep up the nutrition levels of your baby. In no way it means that the task is an easy one. With a hungry baby milk to sleep can leave a mother frustrated during the course of night. If the thought ever strikes you that even after breastfeeding your baby they are hungry then could you have done anything wrong. Trust men in the situation of hungry crying baby you are not alone.

Things first

Figure out clearly whether milk supply is the main issue or not. The baby is not in a position to state that I am full. With their body language you need to figure out whether they are full or not. With weight gain and diapers you can check whether the supply of milk is proper. The doctor can guide you on what is the amount of dry diapers that your baby needs every day.


Now if you are not sure on how to count a weight diaper? Pour around 4 drops of water and figure out the weight of the diaper. If there are numerous types of wet diapers with around 5 ounces a week it is an obvious sign that your baby is availing proper supply of milk.

If you feel that the baby needs more milk

If it seems to be you that the baby needs more milk, there is no need to be discouraged. The mothers are in a better physical state to produce more milk. A single change in your daily lifestyle can contribute to more milk being produced

• Do discuss with your lactation specialist on what is effective and which works out for your family

• It is suggested that you nurse 8 to 12 times during the course of the day. If you offer your breast and a few pumping sessions would stimulate the body to produce more milk.

• Drink plenty of water and opt for a balanced diet. Once you have a baby and if you are trying to lose weight in a quick manner it would affect the supply of milk. The onus is on you to take care of yourself along with the little one

• If it is feasible taking a nursing moon. The extra skin to skin time with the necessary nursing sessions would hold you in good stead in the coming days.

• Get into the domain of herbal supplements. Most of them help a woman to increase milk supply. It is always better to consult a doctor or a specialist.

• If the need arises supplement with a formula. Breast milk is the best source of food and that mantra applies. The same rate of breastfeeding should continue and it should not go on to decrease further. To fill in the gaps you can resort to the use of formulas. In the process the baby does get the necessary antibodies along with supplements at the same time.

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