Businesses are quickly replacing the use of conventional paper with efficient document processing software to reduce cost and contribute to a greener environment. Octacom document processing software suite provides a complete solution for all your business documentation needs from creating and editing documents to searching and emailing the finished work. It is also capable of integrating all your employees' work desks together without having to install any third party Document Management Software.

ODISS Document Imaging software

As the name suggests, a document imaging software allows you to view, retrieve, archive and distribute your documents, data and workflow.

ODISS offers a cost-effective and risk-free solution tailored to your department or business needs. The Web application can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and also integrates different users together in a remote environment.

The documentation system can be used to achieve a number of advantages, including but not limited to creating clients' invoices, maintaining your accounts and ledger documents, preparing monthly statements and organizing human resources and employee payroll files.

With ODISS document imaging software system, you do not need to purchase database or end-user licensing. The software can be tweaked to reflect your corporate brand and identity. Security is another benefit offered by the software pack; with ODISS, you do not have to worry about having your data compromised due to system breaches.

ODISS Workflow

ODISS Workflow is an office tool that finds its applications in processing client data and maintaining statements of accounts. ODISS Workflow allows businesses to gain complete control of challenging document management processes that are repetitive in nature through options of automating tasks. This also leads to significant increase in employee productivity and reduced costs. Time for completing transactions is also reduced considerably, and processes such as invoice approvals and client application processing are quickly accomplished.

Other benefits offered by Workflow include improved customer service, enhanced change management, more sophisticated quality automation and better communication across all levels of the organization.

Secure Document Hosting

Your precious data and documents can be lost in any technical failure that may occur in your office. This creates the need for a secure document hosting site that helps to back up all the precious data in a remote environment, while also providing quick, round the clock access to your documents. Octacom offers secure document hosting services through which you can instantly reach your documents from any part of the world.

Statement and Report Distribution

Octacom integrates with all your statement and report applications to easily convert from computer generated files into document images. Octocom offers secure FTP for transferring all your invoices, reports and statements. A disk backup can also be sent. The data will be stored in Octacom servers for up to 7 years. The stored data may be accessed at any time in this period. You can also use commands such as search, view, or email to process the stored data. With Octacom's 24 hour processing cycles, you will be able to update data as and when needed. Lastly, this will result in elimination of printing cost as well as redundancy.

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