Most of us think of melatonin supplements as simply a sleep aid, but not much is said about the fact that melatonin is actually a fairly powerful antioxidant. It is SO powerful and so safe that several studies have been conducted on melatonin administration to extremely ill newborns, arguably the most vulnerable population group you can imagine. In each study, melatonin improved the survival rates of these babies without causing harmful effects. So if melatonin is so safe and improves survival for the sickest newborns, why don't doctors use it? visit :

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body naturally in the absence of light and helps our bodies fall asleep. While it is best known for being produced in the pineal gland, it is also produced in the digestive tract. Although our bodies make melatonin, it has also been used for years as a supplement that can be taken at night to help with sleep problems or jet lag. What's less known is that melatonin is actually an incredibly powerful antioxidant that has been shown in studies to be beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, high cholesterol, and even cancer. What is even more surprising, however, is that it has been shown in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials that it is effective in improving infant mortality in the sickest babies imaginable.

Detractors of natural substances say there are simply not enough studies on the long-term effects of melatonin to say that it is safe enough for people to take it regularly, but a recent study gave melatonin a dose 25 TIMES higher. than the normal dose used to put nearly a thousand women to sleep for 3 years with hardly any side effects. Formal human studies of that magnitude are not done with substances that are considered unsafe, and experimental studies simply will NOT be done on critically ill newborns if doctors are concerned about the safety of the substance being administered. In these studies of very sick newborns, melatonin showed that it was certainly safer and more useful than NOT administering it. In fact, in a small study of critically ill newborns with lethal blood infections, no babies died in the melatonin group, while 3 babies died in the 'standard care' group! In two other studies of newborns requiring life support for lung problems or surgery for cardiac malformations, babies treated with melatonin improved sooner than babies who did NOT receive melatonin.

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