Doctor-Patient Management System

Everyone is having a very fast life. In this circumstance, everyone needs quick service. But when you need good treatment then you have to spend a lot of time waiting for a Doctor in the hospital. Because most hospitals don’t have a proper doctor-patient management system.

If hospital space is less and patient is more and they want quick check-up with Doctor then doctor-patient management software will help them. In this system, the first patient can book his appointment from home only and he will get an appropriate slot of check-up after reaching in the hospital to get confirm registration while paying OPD charges, and then he/she gets quickly get a slip of OPD. With the help of this system patient as well as hospital, both can save their time.

Doctor-patient management software can store patient treatment records also further if want to see past treatment history then the doctor can check. OPD, IPD, and Pathology, Ultrasound, X-ray all checkups can be happened by this tool. Only registration time takes initial information of patient after that no need to take the information of the patient. Because initial information only can use in all processes in the system.

All doctors like hospital recruited Doctor, on-call Doctor, other associated doctor all record like work in hospital and remuneration also can be managed. The patient can get printed money receipt, registration no., OPD bill, treatment bill, his ledger, outstanding report many more as per requirement. In the ledger report what kind of treatment done to the patient and how much payment paid by the patient all detail patient wise can be seen. From time to time will get the outstanding report so, the patient can give payment to the hospital from time to time. A full transparency system is good for patients and hospitals. Provision bills also can get from the hospital from time to time. This bill generates before generating of discharge bill. A provisional bill is not a final bill it is also called a running bill. This bill shows the current bill status like all treatment detail, no. of unit or quantity, rate, paid, outstanding and other detail.

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