Business and financial uncertainty is certain... just like taxes are. And between you and me, if you are wondering how you can create a positive, lasting impact when your world may look and feel shaky instead of solid, here is the answer: You, the small business owner, need to become increasingly more certain, compassionate, and confident about your ability to add value to others’ lives. The thing is, when you lead with conviction (hence the title: "Do your business and succeed, or get off the pot"), you instill hope and confidence in your audience’s mind. What it boils down to is: change, for the better. If you have not already adopted the mantra I create my own economy, this is the first thing you need to do before you can consistently feel on solid ground. To put this mantra into practice, every day look for evidence that things are going really well, that you are surrounded by abundance. If your mission is to experience a strong and satisfying year, stop holding back or wasting your talents, by for example convincing difficult prospects or clients that they need to think and act differently. If you are a network marketer or coach, create a different theme for and book as many home parties or complimentary 15-minute strategy sessions, respectively, as possible but at the pace that keeps you functioning consistently at your best. Contrary to what you may be thinking, people do want more fun and focus... all year round!

Ask yourself: “How can I create more win-win opportunities?” More than ever, people who are getting increasingly more stressed will want (notice how I did not use the word “need”?) to receive massages (Attention: Holistic Practitioners), get organized (Attention: Professional Organizers), get their finances and taxes in order (Attention: Financial Planners), and to Smile and Succeed With More Ease (Attention: Coaches). Truth is too, the more your competitors give up during what seems scary times, the greater your chances of succeeding will be! And should you think you do not have time to do it all, here is a little tip: As I was writing this article, I had the “Do the Hustle” song playing in my head. Even though it is not my favorite, it kept me smiling and allowed me to get this task done in record time!

Author's Bio: 

Monique MacKinnon is a globally recognized creativity expert, speaker and ebook and article author whose specialty is helping passionate entrepreneurs who need more direction, focus and accountability to monetize their abundant ideas, talents and interests. Monique’s work is grounded in both practical and esoteric principles and includes expertise in hand analysis (via the International Institute of Hand Analysis) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP via The WEL-Systems Institute). Monique has 21 years’ experience in marketing, management, training, consulting and coaching.

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