If you think intimacy means having a sexual relationship like most people do, then learning the true definition of intimacy will help you in all of your relationships. The very high percentage of failed relationships is due in large part to a lack of understanding of what true intimacy is.

Intimacy is sharing your thoughts, feelings and needs with your friends, and also sharing your body with your partner. When you share your thoughts, your feelings, your needs and your body with your partner, hopefully, you are creating a warm, close and loving connection that will last forever. That is the reason you want to learn how to have true intimacy, because it is truly your path to fulfilling and lasting love.
If you are afraid to be open in a love relationship or any relationship, you need to recognize that you have a personal problem. Being open is a requirement of intimacy for obvious reasons. How can you share your thoughts, feelings and needs without being open to some degree? You cannot, and that will prevent your relationship from lasting, because over time, the lack of intimacy feels lonely. In fact, it can lead you and your partner to feeling like you are both alone.

If you find it difficult to trust other people, again, you need to recognize that you have a personal problem. Without trust, your relationships will be controlling or very distant, and in either case, the warm, affectionate bond that is the goal of a healthy, long-lasting relationship will not be able to be sustained over time. Your relationships will be very unsatisfying or you will be looking at a pattern of failed relationships.
You can change the course of your relationships by increasing your ability to be intimate, and inviting your partner to do the same. You can learn to love yourself, and set healthy boundaries so that sharing who you are with another person becomes a joyful experience for you and your partner or your friends. Increasing intimacy in your relationships will result in much happiness for you. Give yourself permission to increase intimacy in your relationships, and to remove whatever is blocking you from being open and trusting. When you love yourself, you are free to be you and to share yourself in all of your relationships.

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Sandra Dawson, MA is a Love and Relationship Coach, and America's Most Loving Relationship and Trauma Expert. When you become truly intimate with yourself and/or your partner, you will transform your life into the joy and happiness you have always dreamed of having. What is blocking you from from being intimate today? Sandra is a Couples Communication Trainer and can help you with any communication issues. Sandra is a past Marriage and Family Therapist in CA and is working on becoming licensed in New York, and can help you with any emotional issues blocking your ability to get close to yourself or your partner. Sandra has taught self-esteem skills and can help you develop the self-confidence you need to be all you can be. FOR YOUR FREE REPORT "YOUR GUIDE TO INTIMACY IN RELATIONSHIPS" CLICK HERE: http://www.adviceforloverelationships.com/

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