Do You Use Words That Motivate, Persuade And Convince?

You know the expression – All-Talk, No Action. Recent neuroscientific research
proves that when you use Direct-Action verbs the listener feels and visualizes the meaning in the Supplemental Motor Region of their brain. They tend to comply.

So What

Fact: A metaphor is Figure-of-Speech, not to be taken literally, but to make a comparison. Examples: Man-of-Steel, Motor-Mouth, Looks like Ten-Miles-of-Bad-Road, and Fat-As-A-House. You may impress editors with metaphors, but the brain ignores clichés and does not react to them.

Metaphors become clichés (frozen-metaphors) and the brain pays little to no Attention to these old-time stereotypes. When you call someone a Snake, Viper, or a Mule, you are not getting anywhere but creating an enemy,

Clichés do not work because they have been overworked, overused and lost their
power to create mental imagery in the brain. Stereotypes are rejected as meaningless.

Literal Action Words

If you want to get a powerful reaction from the brain, use Action language – verbs
that offer movement, behavior, or performance. Power-words create mental-movies,
creative-imagery that moves the brain. Good examples include:

Running, Throwing, & Pitching; Mating, Striking & Fighting; Sleeping, Snoring & Scoring. What do these words have in common?

They all produce literal effects; there is a sense of movement, action and happening.
Which phrases create a mental image in your brain?

a) Knocking-His-Socks-Off,
b) Biting-Off-More-Than-You-Can-Chew,
c) Kicking-Off,
d) Biting-The-Apple,
e) Strangling-The-Victim,
f) Swallow-Your-Food

The first three (a-b-c) are clichés, metaphors and figures-of-speech. Forget them.
The last three (d-e-f) are Literal Action Verbs. They work to move the brain.

If you want to cause things to happen, get strong results and produce success in your career and relationships, you must change your language to Literal Action Verbs.
Hearing & Reading,

Scientists have used fMRIs to see brain activity when action, movement & doing
occurs. When we hear or read the word Grasp, Kick or Throw (literal action verbs)
our brain reacts identically to physically accomplishing the activity itself. No difference.

Inquiring Minds Have to Know

The Supplemental Motor area (medial temporal and medial frontal cortices) of the brain is triggered by the performance of actions and behaviors.

Second, the brain is activated by seeing (observe) folks execute behaviors and actions (lifting a 500 pound barbell) - for example.

Third, hearing and reading these Action Verbs lights up our brain like a Xmas tree.

Who Says So

USC professor Michael Arbib’s article was published by the journal – Current
Biology and in Science Daily. Google: 9. 19. 06 Brain Action Center Is All Talk.

Using fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery) researchers compared the brain reaction to observing an action, to hearing words describing the same action.
No difference. How come?

Mirror Neurons are located in our eyes, memory, and medial temporal and medial frontal cortices. They Fire when we execute an action, behavior or activity. They
also Fire when we observe others executing these behaviors. They also fire when
we HEAR or READ descriptions by action verbs.

This is a link, connection and mental Association between the way we describe action and the Mirror Neurons in the brain that support those actions.

So What

Direct action statements using Action Verbs cause mental visualizations in the
listener’s brain. They understand and feel the meaning of your words. You motivate, persuade and convince with Action Verbs. Do not use clichés to
get folks to produce results, stick with live-action-verbs.

Benefits: what we see with our eyes – we believe. What we see internally in our
mind’s eye – we are often compelled to do. Imagination is the basis of taking action.
We must mentally see ourselves driving in the new car before we say yes and make
the purchase.

Science for the first time now accepts the principle that our premotor cortex (mirror neurons) also processes Verbal descriptions.


There is another benefit to this scientific knowledge. If you mentally visualize repetitively and with strong feeling, you can affect your results in reality. Your
brain has the ability to change your future?


If you are taking a test, giving a presentation, or interviewing for a promotion,
practice (rehearsal) is invaluable, agreed? But there are two kinds of practice:
conscious left-brain analysis and memory, and right-brain mentally practice
visualizing your performance in advance.

Your Right-Hemisphere helps control pattern recognition, memory (hippocampus), and your emotions. Google: limbic system.


Learning new skills by Creative Imagery (imagination) and playing them out in your mind again and again with emotion, works almost as well as physical practice.

Doing both physical practice (tennis, golf, testing) plus mental visualization of
the steps required to succeed is taught by coaches and used by superstars.

Some executives tell us they spend fifteen minutes daily visualizing winning promotion to CEO. Golfers meditate pre-game on perfectly playing each hole.
The results are gratifying or they would not continue year-after-year.

Do your own Mind Experiment and be pleasantly surprised.

See ya

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