Do you set goals, perhaps make a vision board or focus on your hearts desires? The question arises, are you creating a fresh start with the same old thoughts, the same brain and the same membranes? Radical Gratitude is the bridge between where you are and the manifestation of your hearts desires. Gratitude is a way to clear the old thought patterns and transform you body/mind.

Your conscious and subconscious thoughts help to create your reality. The only problem is that the subconscious triggers 40 million nerve impulses per second and runs 95% of the time. In contrast, the self-conscious fires 40 nerve impulses per second and runs 5% of the time. So basically your subconscious is running the show. The good news is that the Gratitude technologies can transform the limiting, sabotaging, negative subconscious patterns into abundance, joy and delight.

Some of the subconscious programming is held in the cellular membranes in your body. Up to the age of about six your brain functions like a sponge. As a child your brain was functioning in delta state, a hypnogogic state of unquestioning absorption. In this brain state there is no ability for the brain to differentiate what is taken in, everything registers as the truth. So, if you lived in an abusive household, abuse is registered in your body as the truth. Until you consciously transform this pattern, abuse will show up in some form in your adult life.

By bringing spinning Spheres of Gratitude in to your thought structures, patterns of behavior and membranes, transformation can occur. Spirals of Gratitude spin like a rotor-rooter dissolving the old patterns. Gratitude Spinners, which look like a spinning top, unscrew the old structures and create space for the new. Bring gratitude to the old and watch as it dissolves, this will create new space and clearer thinking. As you use gratitude to envision your goals, your hearts desires can manifest with greater ease and joy.

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