I just finished creating my goals and intentions for the Second Quarter of 2010. I started by assessing my Q1. In doing so I realized that I wasn’t living my over arching intention for 2010. I have two signs in front of my computer screens…
1. Simplicity
2. My time is valuable

In the first quarter I set 74 intentions and goals. Hello!!! That is not simple at all. Didn’t realize this until I went through and checked off what I completed. I only completed 44%.

Second thing I realized is that The Drunk Monkey snuck into my goal setting process at the beginning of this year. The Drunk Monkey told me my life wasn’t good enough the way it was. It told me I better get a bunch of stuff done to prove my worth. In other words, I was breaking my second over all intention for 2010 which was to recognize my value.

So for the first time in my life I’ve only got 14 goals and intentions. Here’s a sample of the difference between last quarter and this quarter.

In the category of Physical Health, last quarter I said:
1. Eat effectively
2. Reduce sugar by 90%
3. Hard core workouts 4 x a week
4. Walk dogs daily
5. Chiropractic adjustment 2 x a month
6. Stretch daily
7. Hair cut monthly

This quarter I’m simply intending one thing: I am totally happy and satisfied with every aspect of my body.

Ahhh! That feels good. Life is good. There’s no where to go. Nothing to accomplish. No reason to push. This quarter is going to be an enjoyable, effortless quarter.

How about you?

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