Do Smoking Bans Really Work?

While Smoking Bans have swept across the country over the last few years. Do they really help someone quit?

Pueblo, Colorado, passed a municipal law making workplaces and public places smoke-free in 2003 and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials tracked
hospitalizations for heart attacks afterward.

The good news is the Smoking Ban caused heart attacks to drop by more than 40 percent and the decrease lasted three years, federal health experts reported this few weeks ago.

This is fantastic but...

The question is...

Do Smoking Bans Help You Quit Smoking?

Yes and No?

Most non-smokers or health professionals will tell you they help by making smoking more difficult to do, so the smoker will have less opportunity to smoke.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Cigarette addiction is no different then alcohol or drug addiction. If a person is addicted to something they will still continue to do it.

Here is where they do help. These changes make smoking less socially acceptable.

Many smokers I interview say they just got tired of being looked at as an outcast hanging outside a building every time they smoked since smoking is now banned in almost all public places.

The great news is that it is now easier then ever to become a non-smoker.

But what works?

Well here are the latest stats:

Studies show people who try to quit without any additional help or support have only a 2-5% success rate after 12 months.

Those who used nicotine replacement or drugs had only a 16.25% success rate.

Those who used a single session of hypnosis had a 50% success rate.

And The Winner Is...

Drum Roll...

Those who used single session hypnosis along recorded sessions for follow up had over a 66% success rate. Not to mention there are no side effects from hypnosis. (Well maybe one...You live longer!)

One last note...

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Mark Patrick is a Mind & Body Expert and the Founder of Mark Patrick Media LLC a self-improvement company specializing in Weight Management & Smoking Cessation programs. Like it or not Mark uses a straightforward approach that is changing lives and getting incredible results. He is a member of The National Guild of Hypnotists with over 13 years experience and quickly approaching 250,000 clients with a goal to inspire millions of people and change their lives.