“Do not fear. Only believe. All things are possible to him who believes.”

The above noted quote is for every human being on earth. Do you find yourself hesitating while on verge of making a decision or before doing something wonderful? Do you put things off because you are afraid to take a chance? Do you avoid asking for something that you know you should have because you are afraid of rejection. Most importantly, do you simply not do the things you want to do because your mind is filled with fear?

Fear is the worst limiter of success known to mankind. Fear prevents fabulous inventions from being seen and it prevents great ideas from being heard. On a personal level, fear prevents us from being as successful as we can be. Fear drives us to hold back our best thoughts and most importantly, in the worst cases, it prevents us from being as successful as we would like in our personal and working lives. Think about a girl or boy you were afraid to ask out because you thought he or she would reject you; consider that promotion you did not get because you were afraid to ask; remember the job you did not apply for because you were afraid you would not measure up. Finally...ponder the amazing number of opportunities you have missed in your life because of fear. Fear can rule your life if you let it.

If you want more success, satisfaction and happiness in your life, replace your fear with belief. Believe in your ideas, your skills, your ability, your passion, your strength, your charm, your appearance, your talent. Most importantly...believe in yourself. When you are faced with a challenge, forget your fear and attack it with confidence and self-belief. When you have a good idea, yell it from the rooftops. When you want something, forget about being afraid...go and get it. You cannot lose something you never had so if you want a new job, a raise, a better relationship, or your own business...give it a try...you have nothing to lose!

There is no law against trying and not succeeding is certainly not a crime. You will never know if you can do something until you attempt it, so the next time you feel that something is right for you, summon up all of your courage and chase it down. If you are not successful, move on and do not allow rejection or a singular failure to hold you back from other opportunities. Life is short...free yourself from fear and keep trying every day!

By the way, the quote at the beginning of this, “Do not fear. Only believe. All things are possible to him who believes,” is attributed to Jesus. Whatever your faith, you have to admit that this advice is current and valuable. You can find wisdom almost anywhere so don’t be afraid to seek it out!

All the Best

Author's Bio: 

Wayne Kehl is an author, lecturer and behaviorist in British Columbia Canada. Find out more at www.waynekehl.com and www.dlionline.ca