The digital age has arrived, and business owners and savvy managers around the globe are scrambling to stay up to date with the latest technology. Equipping your workers with the trendiest digital tools and arming them with the skills to use them is vitally important for any business, but some managers are still unsure of how seriously they should invest in the tech they’re placing in the hands of workers.

For instance, do your workers need a company cellphone? Modern smartphones are ubiquitous for a reason – they’re incredibly efficient. As we’ll come to see, equipping your workers with a company cellphone could greatly increase your productivity.

Company cellphones produce results

It’s indisputable that company cellphones produce positive results for the businesses that utilize them. Nonetheless, some business owners and managers are hesitant to give all or even most workers a company cellphone. After all, the funding needed to do so is no small chunk of change, and modern digital devices with a cellular booster installation, can be a serious distraction in the workspace. It’s perfectly fine to nurse doubts about the efficacy of company cellphones, and to be unsure about how many you should buy, but the truth of the matter is that issuing company cellphones will probably help your bottom line.

Cellphones can actually cause employees to waste time when they’re on the clock – according to some research, the average office employee actually spends up to 56 minutes per day tapping away at their cellphone. While cellphone addiction is actually a common problem, it can be combatted quite effectively, and companies that institute fair and well thought out cellphone policies can mitigate the amount of time they lose to digital devices.

That’s because effective cellphone policies emphasize when it’s okay and not okay to use your digital device. Companies that have employees who strictly use their cellphones for business purposes will see serious increases in productivity – after all, cellphones are incredibly easy to navigate, and help us stay in contact at an extraordinarily cheap cost. Creating a cellphone regime that enables you to tap into the benefits of these devices without suffering from the negative consequences of their usage is no small feat, however. Check out some tips on forging a sound cellphone policy if you’re really struggling.

Ultimately, the benefits of issuing company cellphones outweigh the risks. Your employees can always stay in contact with you and with one another, and emergencies will be dealt with quickly and transparently. Communications can be recorded, which can offer your company protection during legal disputes. Above all, work is just accomplished faster when workers have access to modern technology.

If you’re really looking to up the efficacy of your workers, consider issuing a company cellphone. You’ll need a strict workplace cellphone regime in place to guarantee that no time is being wasted on your new digital devices, but with the right rules, you’ll quickly find that company cellphones greatly optimize workplace efficiency while empowering your everyday workers.

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Jeremiah Owyang is an internet entrepreneur and social media consultant with more than 10 year's of experience.