Do you know how to write an interesting blog? Fascinating and interesting blog posts trigger satisfying feelings for a reader. The content either inspires or motivates the reader to act in a way that benefits him or her. When your fans love your content, they see you as a trustworthy business friend.

Build Relationships With Your Readers
Whatever you write in your blog post, design its content to develop a genuine relationship with your target market. How do you do that? Give your blog post a specific voice that appeals to your fans.

The friendly blog post voice talks to what really matters to the reader. This representative (avatar) already feels interested in what you say. When people feel interested in your courses, books, programs, services, etc., you are creating a meaningful relationship with them!

Share Your Expertise
Content readers want expert information from you. Your blog is like a good friend sharing secrets that reveal how to do a specific task easier or live a desired dream.

The blog you write gives solid information that truly helps your target audience achieve goals or solve problems. The expertise you share simply sounds like you care about your fans and their situations (because you do!)

Give Your Blog A Creative, Helpful Voice
The blog post copy (also known as marketing text) introduces information using your creative voice. To write an interesting blog, talk about what thousands of your market audience is already talking about. How do you do that? Doing effective market research.

Market Research Saves Resources
Many entrepreneurs don't know how to do research for their market audience. But learning how to research and share it helps you build a strong bond with your market audience.

Imagine this scenario. You're going to a business meeting. You don't know what already interests the unknown business professionals there. How do you think your relationship building opportunity will go? You might just sit alone and feel frustrated, coming away with no new relationship connections.

Now, apply this idea to your blog posts.

When you talk about topics KNOW what truly interests your market audience. Talk about topics they already like to talk about. Then, write about those ideas in your blog posts with some information that helps them improve things for them. Talking about topics that already interest your market audience, you are connecting in a meaningful way through your published content.

Market research is one of the best investments you can make for running a successful business. Why? Because your target market sees you understand what matters to them!

Serve Your Market in Their Way
We are here to serve our market. Therefore, by talking about topics in your blog posts you KNOW interests them, you show you can be a trusted resource to help them get to where they want to go.

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